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Net 2000 Shooting Net Rod Turns Cop To Spiderman

Posted on March 21, 2008 by , with 9286 views

Net 2000 Shooting Net Rod Turns Cop To Spiderman

It's time for the police to mimic superhero Spiderman, without the stupid costume. The days of tazers and stun guns are now behind us, with the introduction of The Net-2000 Shooting Net Rod which fires a large net at a villain, encompassing them in a web and impossible to get away. The Net works using highly compressed air and uses a 52 square ft net, large enough to immobilise those most resistant of victims and even multiple in one go.

The net is made of a super thin, yet strong, nylon fiber -- though when folded up looks like a common, everyday flashlight. Who would have thought that a fictitious comic book superhero's main weapon would one day help us to combat crime in reality? What next, assign each cop with a Bat Mobile?

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This net rod is just awesome! I got mine from this guy -

Submitted by net gun

As if it works! Thats a load of rubbish, that invention is!!!!!!! ;)

Submitted by Anonymous

Il officially go escape w/ that! Its a lame invention!

Submitted by cute_in_bl

It is simply lame!!!!!stupid!!!!why would they even invent stupid things?!?!?!

Submitted by APRIL

This is the stupidest idea ever a criminal would not stop if they were trapped in a net plus they would not be hurt by it. Also if they have a weapon its not going to stop them from using it!!! ;)

Submitted by Nick

This is interesting :roll:

Submitted by ZODAIC

:( :( this is so idiotic tazers are the way to go do people realy think that cops have the tie and money for this wow my dad is a cop wow this realy puts the wouldnt want to hurt the bad guy mentality that people have nowadays idiots

Submitted by Anonymous

There is nothing new about this.something like this is available in china for last five years

Submitted by valmik son

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