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Ndrive G400 Pnd Breathalyzer And Gps System

Posted on February 21, 2008 by , with 7743 views

Ndrive G400 Pnd Breathalyzer And Gps System

The NDrive G400 PND looks like a standard Navigation System at first glance, and whilst it is, it has an integrated feature unique to it. The device exhibits a 3.5 inch screen, which is touch sensitive catering for the included GPS system and menu. The additional feature which sets this apart from similar devices is the integrated breathalyzer. You may be under the impression that this already exists but surprisingly this is the very first GPS/Breathalyzer invention.

The device requires you to touch the application as it calibrates and blow into the device, which will then display your Blood Alcohol Level and inform you if you are within driving limits. If not, it will recommend you do not start your engine, but instead start your sobering up.

An improvement to this device may include a more sophisticated security measure which automatically disengages the car's controls rendering it immobile if the result proves positive.
The NDrive G400 is only available in Portugal at the moment, and costs $300. We expect this to open up to other countries once they realise the potential to save lives and reduce the number of victims relating to drink driving.

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Can anyone tell me how it compares to a garmin

Submitted by Mn

It's a cool gadget, I own one and I recommend it to all drivers. Percivillain south africa :)

Submitted by Percy

Looing for technical partners with your product in africa

Submitted by DON

But that takes the fun out of the driving part then!

Submitted by dummy

Wow I wish I had 1 :lol: :d (//_~)

Submitted by heart

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