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Mykey From Ford Limits Your Driving Experience

Posted on October 7, 2008 by , with 14841 views

Mykey From Ford Limits Your Driving Experience

Ford have designed a very new system called MyKey which is intended to assist in producing a safer driving experience for new drivers, who at times seem to think they are indestructible behind the wheel and that the laws do not apple to them, only others. The MyKey system enables parents to limit the speed of the vehicle and also the audio volume. The speed restriction is the obvious safety precaution, as when the speed which has been selected has been reached, the car will refuse to go any faster. The volume controller is merely an extra, but one which many of the public will be thankful for, eradicating the sound of five sub woofers blaring out heavy bass at every set of traffic lights with the windows rolled down. You know who you are!

Anyway, the MyKey system is expected to become standard on the Ford Coupe from as early as 2010, and other models will also adopt this technology including the Lincoln and Mercury. Owners will have the option to program a key to limit both top speed and audio volume, where the volume will be restricted to 44% total volume, and the top speed of the vehicle limited to 80mph. This will definitely assist in reducing crashes caused by reckless driving, so anything which is contributing to fewer accidents and fewer lives lost is definitely a good thing which we should all be happy enough to accept.

The system will also include speed alerts, which chime at 45, 55 and 65 mph respectively. Not only is this good for safety reasons, but it is also far better economically. Finally, the system will warn the driver of when the fuel has reached 75 miles remaining, instead of the usual 50mph, in order to prevent road users becoming stranded in the middle of nowhere.

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My-key - I gave ford the idea to keep teens safe - now ford loves the idea save a life. Sometimes I think I am genius parents will fell less anxiety and know that they are safe

Submitted by philip Tra

Usdot yet so far but so close

Submitted by sal train

Looking good

Submitted by MIDDLETOWN


Submitted by jack ford

I worked on my-key it was made for teens safety and people under the ada

Submitted by salvatore

My-key will be used for teens and older people to keep them safe it is not what you think how it works

Submitted by philip tra

To the uspto I am the inventor of the voice recogition software and car tec.

Submitted by PHILIP TRA

I am the inventor of the voice recognition software and car tec. Contact me at [email protected]

Submitted by philip tra

Remember jim morrison his songs tell a story like a quote riders on the storm never judge a book by somebody's cover yes people are strange when you're a stranger

Submitted by entreprene

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Submitted by philip tra

To wow gym I want you to know who iam and were I stand with my two feet on the ground if you or anyone has a beef with me let me know I will leave your losted

Submitted by salvatore

I want to thank the people in my life that were hiding in the backround the chip of life ty pst entrepreneur

Submitted by philip tra

This is retarted I have 2 subs and anyyone thinking there gona restrict my volume can suck it.

Submitted by Chris

I think this gadget is very useful to use espeacially women...

Submitted by go eun cha

8) :? :d :oops: :roll: :lol: :( :) ohh!!exciting!!

Submitted by lealyn

This is the gayest thing ever I dont think my parents would even buy it I am indistructible behind the wheel....

Submitted by stupid inv

This is the gayest thing ever I dont think my parents would even buy it I am indistructible behind the wheel....

Submitted by stupid inv

Cool for our parents but not for us

Submitted by barira

I believe that some of this is a great idea like reminding u when u go a certain speed but some need improvements :lol:

Submitted by angelmon

:p I love u josemanuel :p

Submitted by love

Suck on my ear please I said please okay

Submitted by Stella

Ella ella under my umbrella ella ella

Submitted by asshole

Ok...the parents will like the ideea but I think for the young drivers it will not be so nice

Submitted by daniela

I would actually rather not ride you. I like lil boys! Ima detention teacher yehaw!

Submitted by Mr.William

Why you make this transportation?please give me your introduction in your transportation

Submitted by monhannahr

It is good that you invent it, at least accident can be minimize.

Submitted by blue8901

I think its unecessary, like melted cheese on cornflakes or hats in the washing basket or adults in school, thats my verdict now eat it. ;)

Submitted by jizz face

Very good.they improve it! :d :d

Submitted by mike

Very good I think you have to improve it...... :lol: :lol: :lol: 8) cool u know its better to improve to became more safer......

Submitted by aldrin

It seems like a good idea
it should be able to sence using like a gps to see what the speed limit is and then give +- 10mph

Submitted by matt

I think it is a good invention

Submitted by caroline

:? This is a potential danger to all drivers. If the parent puts in a speed below the speed limit it could be dangerous it also could be dangerous to a person trying to go faster to get out of the way of an accident.

Submitted by Cathe

I don't get it?!? :roll:

Submitted by Anonymous

Pretty good idea, butwhat if it breaks or malfunctions :(

Submitted by jake

Your the only one'''''''i love u...................

Submitted by johnry\'s

Ang hanip mo pare';./; wala kang katulad/.;';./

Submitted by richard sa

A nice invention pare'''''''''

Submitted by morphin sa

Parents will love it. Teens definently won't. I like the idea. 80 mph is a bit fast though

Submitted by Sara

Your message here.. :? :? :? :lol: :p :p

Submitted by Anonymous

I like it but I dont because 80mph is still fast I think it would be better at 60mph or 65mph

Submitted by matt

I think that can be pretty dangerous in some situations. Like overtaking for example.
sometimes you really need the speed to get the maneuver done and not crash into the advancing car.
this key won't prevent stupid situations but it could make them worse.

Submitted by Phil

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