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Moonlight Laptop

Posted on May 3, 2009 by , with 21498 views

Moonlight Laptop

This laptop looks incredibly cool, thanks to it's shape, and is named the Moonight Laptop. Not only does the laptop have a very original shape, but it also holds a few other unique features.

The laptop is comprised of two touchscreens, a 16:9 and a 4:3, to replace the conventional screen and keyboard. The 4:3 screen can be utilised as a touchpad mouse, can run mini OS or can be adjoined to the larger 16:9 screen.

Also, the frame illuminates, which adds to the space-age look of the design.

The manner in which the Moonlight folds away is also rather unique, in the sense that the screen is towards the outside when folded away, which leaves the screen vulnerable to damage.

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Rlojyr thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic post.thanks again. Keep writing.

Submitted by bookmarkin

This is so cool I wish I had this one!

Submitted by ednicolyn

Your message here.. :oops: :) :( ;) :p :) :lol: :d 8) :?

Submitted by jamy

Sooo cool!! Love it :lol: :lol: :lol:

Submitted by Angel

This is amazing. I know I would want this if I could afford it

Submitted by A.P.

Looks really interesting...hmm I hate touch screen though >.

Submitted by cookiefien

Its so very nise.................................

Submitted by jaykiss

This is a gud one and luks coool

Submitted by vaishnavi

Astig waaaaahhh!!!! :p ;) :lol:

Submitted by macky


Submitted by hiy

;) :) :roll: :lol: :oops: :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :) :) :) :p :p :p

Submitted by shamalama

..hey. .the invention was so awsome..hope I can have it. . Hehe. . Continue the goo job. .

Submitted by =LiKe eMo=

Your message here.. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :roll:

Submitted by i\'m looki

Itz amazing....... :lol: :p

Submitted by Arnica Sow

Sooo sooo amazzzzzzzzzng :) :p

Submitted by merry

You shouldve made it so it can work with sun light and moonlight

Submitted by valerie

Nice,............... :lol: :d :p :)

Submitted by ruth 10 very awesome...invention..

Submitted by shebon

Tnx for the information about moon light laptop :)

Submitted by sweety

:lol: :roll: :p cool astig!!!!!!!

Submitted by miriam

Wow! That's really cool looking-- I kinda want one. :d

Submitted by Chris

Wat a nice invention ...!
but wat abt its gravity hmmm>>>???

Submitted by sri

This gadget is amazing :d

Submitted by jea

Diz gazette racks :p ;) ;) ;) :d :roll:

Submitted by krazychik

Ah awesome
can I have 1 yet!!!!

Submitted by mhart

8) i'll be using it for my project^_^...(pinoy)

Submitted by jay

Ohhh!!!!!!!1wawww wat a cool coooollllll inventions yaar,,,i just luv all this

Submitted by aquib jawe

Ma god...wat a wonderful invention...superb..!! 8) :oops:

Submitted by fairy

Sooooo coooollllll!!!! What a nice laptop!! Hope I will like it!!

Submitted by lovely

:) ....hope it wont slip off my lap

Submitted by john

Who invented the moonlight laptop :lol:

Submitted by maine

What a laptop so cool!!! :lol:

Submitted by Denise

Dont feel like its an invention at all..can take it like some new concept

Submitted by sharath

Whatta cool invention 8) ..

Submitted by yea.!

Am already invented that........

Submitted by Mr.Don

Itz so nice naman na ang dami ng latest invention ngayon na pede nating magamit for our daily requirements..... Lalo na diz modern generation :roll: :lol: :lol: :d

Submitted by mandrei

What an impressive invention....keep up the good work.....

Submitted by dm

:dwow! I am sure my younger sister would like that!

Submitted by angelika

This is cool,has it come out in stores yet??

Submitted by Bandilla

Jason : if you want to talk things like that. Get the hell outta here.
what are you? Some kind of retard? Wtfudge?!

Submitted by OnModerato

It is a smart laptop 8) 8) :d :) ;) ;) :p :p :lol: :lol: :lol: :oops: :oops:

Submitted by itisha and

Its really fabulous........ :p

Submitted by Sai

This is really cool? Has it come out in stores yet?!

Submitted by ;p

This is kinnda cool invention :p

Submitted by cutie

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