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Luxura X7 Tanning Bed

Posted on August 13, 2008 by , with 15568 views

Luxura X7 Tanning Bed

Tanning beds are cause of much debate amongst health professionals over how safe they are, and the long term effects of prolonged use. Leaving these debates to one side, here is a new modernised tanning bed, the Luxura X7. Not content with old tanning beds the X7 aims to create a more up to date style and definitely achieves it from these first pictures. The Luxura not only delivers a tan to your body but boasts an array of additional features such as MP3 playback with surround sound, Smart Voice, CliMax air conditioning, and Xsens. Xsens is effectively a ventilation system which filters through a fragrance which helps you to relax more easily.

The Luxura comes in Starlight Silver, Sunrise Orange, Mellow Lime, Eternal Blue, and Bling Variant colours which match your home. Once your tanning session has elapsed, the Qsens system sprays a mist of water into the room to cool you down. As of yet, information regarding this product is minimal, so there is no release date or cost on this product.

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