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Luminous Stretchy Rings Around Your Glass

Posted on August 1, 2008 by , with 11144 views

Luminous Stretchy Rings Around Your Glass

It is common for people to take a drink of water with them to their bedroom at night. This is more familiar to light sleepers who wake with a thirst, so this little invention may be of greater use to you, than heavy sleepers. So, the invention is effectively a set of luminous, glow in the dark elastic bands, which have been defined as a 'new gadget'.

Also, the seller refuses to accept that they are rubber bands, calling them 'stretchy rings'. Uh, yeah - the expression six and 2 three's springs to mind, pardon the pun. Although not revolutionary as the seller likes us to believe, they can prove useful to those who take a glass up to their darkened room and potentially reduce spillages.

Easily attachable, just slip the ring around the glass and there you have it. The 'stretchy rings' are available now at $6 (�2.99) for a set of four bands, sorry, rings.

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You're totally fovegrin for being addicted. Because this is so gorgeous!i love how it's so contrast, the water so calm and the clouds look so menacing and those boats seem unreal, like they don't belong there. ^^i think i'm getting addicted to your photos. Linked!

Submitted by Shaun

Bahut sahi...neeta ji ekdam sahi baat kahi... Aur ekdam sahi mudda uthaya... Ajkaaal is net ke chakkar mei to pata nahi sabhi ko kya ho gaya hai...n specially females ka to aise logon se yunhi pala padta rahta hai...

Submitted by Tia looks like the nuva ring..awkward.

Submitted by Bomer

Oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
where can I get those?

Submitted by blah

:p very nice. This one can really help alot to those people who are really sleepy at night. By the way,who is the inventor? Ant other detail?

Submitted by crisa

;) aware that your idea is good you reach for the glass and it slides out of your hand cause the glass got wet on the outside and also you can see where you are reaching to get it for that midnight sip.

Submitted by Anonymous

Its realy very good product & its very interesting ;) ;) ;)

Submitted by ATIII

I think this is so funny.....
i love it :d ;) 8)

Submitted by Robert har

So... Someone invented glow in the dark rubber bands... Nice...

Submitted by arozol

What is everybody doing friday

Submitted by liliana ak

Im tired anybody are u? And bored

Submitted by liliana ak

8) ;) the jet packs hard

Submitted by billy

It is very interesting because you can use any night you wanted hmmm I wonder if their is a luminous stretchy ring for a pithcer ;)

Submitted by abc

Im happy for the news and the new invention

Submitted by alyssa

Chal paenchod machod ke bache

Submitted by gaund ka b

Hi, you're so cool!!!!!!!!
aheheheh ...
;) ;)

Submitted by allen jame

Hi, you're so cool!!!!!!!!
aheheheh ...

Submitted by allen jame

really interesting
more, I have never thought about it

Submitted by chris

Good work but weak use of the english language!!~!

Submitted by HANNAH FAS

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