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Lg Full Hd Enabled 23 Inch 3d Lcd Screen Panel

Posted on May 27, 2009 by , with 16706 views

Lg Full Hd Enabled 23 Inch 3d Lcd Screen Panel

Over in South Korea, the good people of LG have unveiled their latest product, a Full HD enabled 23 inch 3D LCD screen. The panel offers improved brightness over competing monitors and consequently a higher quality picture and viewing experience. The panel utilises LG's Display Proprietary technology to produce images twice as bright as other 3D LCD panels, in HD format and exhibits the highest brightness of any modern 3D display.

The principle behind the 3D panel is simple, yet very effective. The monitor applies time sequential technologies so that each eye views a slightly different image, which when interpreted by the brain, produces a three dimensional image. Until now, the bulk of the technology has been built into the viewing glasses or outside of the panel itself. LG's latest model embeds the majority of the technology directly into the panel itself, which reduces colour limitations and offers a brighter picture.

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Dkwelv thanks-a-mundo for the blog. Really great.

Submitted by cheap book

I think its cool butt it has to be a computer it will look better and funner

Submitted by ryan roque

Great idea. Sorry, not going to wear the glasses. I'll wait till they bypass the glasses.

Submitted by Cameloot

Your message bahu hi shandar lcd kaas aish mere pass bhi hota

Submitted by devendra k

Omg.....when iam 18 iam going to get one for sure....well thats what I wish...if life gets better each day more ill justget it when iam
so who weve dont like it they could just try to find a life some one eles.loveibg the 3d lcd screen so much.... :lol: :) :p ;) 8)

Submitted by GIGI IN TH

Its ok, I can afford to buy that for sure 8)

Submitted by r0yZz007

Omg! This looks like an awsome contraption to use! I cant wait until it comes out to the u.s ahhh! :d :) :p ;) :lol:

Submitted by Aiden 666

Can't wait to have that in philippines! :d

Submitted by dhana

Lg is invent faster compare to other and also tihs invention is like a wonder

Submitted by raj

Its ok I guess and its seems like a I pod touch and its to formilular :oops:

Submitted by amanda

Awesome! So...when does it hit stores and for how much? :p

Submitted by SweetTooT

These inventions are the best

Submitted by amna

:roll: :) :( :oops: :? 8)

Submitted by cheese

What a nice and fantastic invention.. I like!!

Submitted by yazmin

Ooh darling seeing
3d lcd screen
its so nice

Submitted by Chin

When will this gadget going to be a latest techno??.... :roll:

Submitted by christie

What I don't understand is why their isn't enough info. On these new inventions.? For, instance, how much is it, when will it be availiable and what tests has it passed to say it does what it's supposed to do???.

Submitted by X-MAN

I would like to have a gadget like this but...where in the world could I buy this one???? I'm hoping for your immediate reply....thank you very much :lol:

Submitted by SuSh05

Great invention like it wanna have one [email protected]

Submitted by MACOI

This is very fantastic invention and I admire the wonderings of this

Submitted by k.sampathr

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