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Led Toothbrush Makes Your Teeth Whiter

Posted on May 11, 2009 by , with 32767 views

Led Toothbrush Makes Your Teeth Whiter

Not the most exciting of inventions today, but a twist on an everyday object, which you would imagine would already have been implemented, but hasn't. Take a normal toothbrush, add in a Japanese idea and you have a toothbrush with a built in LED light. The LED is fixed into the brush itself and will enter inside your mouth to assist with brushing and shine up those white teeth more strongly.

The LED toothbrush is said to help with illness prevention, according to the Japanese explanation. We're not sure as to how this would contribute to illness prevention, perhaps due to the ability to clean your teeth more thoroughly, but initial thoughts are somewhat sketchy. The toothbrush will be released in the middle of May, yet no pricing information has been mentioned. It will also be difficult to get hold of one of these unless you can ship one over from Japan itself.

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2pyifx I really like and appreciate your blog.much thanks again. Keep writing.

Submitted by bookmarkin

Just saying hello, hope this was the right section and that I will enjoy it here


Submitted by MikeWluq

Hi all,
acutely good to foregather u in this topic
my real name is truong ^^

sharing is indelicate, right?

Submitted by xa2524b9jf

Lolz...soon we can expect soaps with an led inside in the market..!!!

Submitted by anishjp

ai lhubb it!!

Submitted by mhot

David needs one!!!! :roll: :d :? :lol: :) ;)

Submitted by gkm

Hahahaha.. Lol.. It's so nice... 8s a help 4 doz people want to have a supah dupah white teeth... Heheheheh love my boo!!!! :d 8) :) ;) ;) :p

Submitted by kristine

Close up smile ha ha haaaaaaaaaa :d

Submitted by arya

it's really true..

Submitted by sneha

Amazing really........ :d :) :roll: :oops:

Submitted by pangit

Dats soooooo stupid its just a normal toothbrush :d

Submitted by MissBeauti

I lyk dat..... Dats really dope 8)

Submitted by Marc-Danie

Wow thats soo cool I want one... Where can I find this product? Like in local stores?!?!

Submitted by anonymous

How much is it& where could I find cause I think it's just for me. ;)

Submitted by Ethio Bety

Are you sure that your product can whiter my teeth..?????

Submitted by reyjohn

Omg wealfbfs sifne wealle... Vary nocebendo evet cok sevdim cok guzel ;)

Submitted by IMANERD

Dean from southampton, don t get it. Is a uv l.e.d to steralise or what, or does it whiten teeth uh.

Submitted by Anonymous

May I know wat s the actual cost and is it provide any side effects.send answers to [email protected]

Submitted by karthick s

the problem solved to those who has a yellow teeth like my ex....

yucknessss to the level...... :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :?

Submitted by hyacinth

Brilliant idea... :d :roll: :lol: :oops:

Submitted by sludge

Lol callum alston stewart must have bad teeth :p

Submitted by bOb ThE bU

Callum alston stewart needs this really bad

Submitted by UNKNOWN

i love it♥ 8) :oops:

Submitted by Krystaljae

Cool.. My ex need that.. So that when he kisses his extreme'o'ugly gf.. She woudnt taste his eewwness in his mawth.. Hahahaha!!!

Submitted by [ l i l \'


its kinda different
but its cool

Submitted by Mr SiMpLe

Char. . .awsome 8) ;) :roll: :p :oops: :d :lol:

Submitted by QuEEniE

My frend needs this toothbrush her teeth are black hahahah her name is bianca

Submitted by oetati

This is ridiculous.i hate that.yeee......hhhh.

Submitted by sneha

:lol: :roll: ...does the led replace my toothpaste?

Submitted by john

Great idea mmuch it is?

Submitted by junas dava

How much if we buy that led toothbrush?

Submitted by hana

That's a wonderful invention. Cool. Nice. Sugoi! Sugoi! :d

Submitted by Al

Cool thats wondreful!111111111 ;)

Submitted by cool43

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