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Laserpod Supernova

Posted on March 1, 2009 by , with 14820 views

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Space, the final frontier. These are the features of the Laserpod Supernova - to boldly glow where no Laserpod has glowed before, to seek out new lighting effects, to transform your ceiling into a laser studded sky of infinite depth and variation. We may be stretching the analogy a bit now, so let's move on. This total re-design, re-fit and re-vamp of the Laserpod into its current incarnation as the aptly named Supernova is quite simply stunning. Looking not a little unlike the piston head from some kind of sexy super-car, it hides a brilliant (quite literally) lighting display system. A cluster of powerful LEDs and a laser are embedded in the aluminium body of the light, and shine up through a revolving multi-faced crystal that splits and fractures the light sources into a galaxy of ever changing effects. Great sweeps of stars (including shooting ones) unfold across your ceiling, interspersed with clustered novas, and probably a quark or two.

The Supernova comes with three filters to change the style and impact of the display from crisp stars and space clouds, to ever transforming fractal light show, to gentle undulation colour shifts, and you can place any glass item over the top lens to add even more lighting effects. Each element creates different but equally mesmerising lighting effects that are both mellow and yet decidedly funky. The Laserpod Supernova is set to be the 21st Century answer to the lava lamp, only stratospherically cooler.


* A super slick aluminium projector unit.
* Red and green lasers project a galaxy of starbursts and shooting stars onto your ceiling.
* The classic red and blue LEDs synonymous with the Laserpod create gaseous blue clouds to add to the scene.
* Pure crystal refracts the LEDs to project different laser effects.
* A holographic lens is included to adjust the lighting effects.
* Suitable for ages 12 years+.
* Requires a mains adaptor (UK adaptor included).
* Size: 17 x 8 x 8cm.

You can pick up a LaserPod SuperNova from the IWOOT Store

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Cool projector

Submitted by Me

Kxvo9y hey, thanks for the article post.much thanks again. Awesome.

Submitted by cheap book

A lot of money can be made from selling this !!!!

Submitted by TALLMAN

This is pretty much useless. All it does is show some pretty lights.great 4 parties,i guess.

Submitted by XLR

.ahm.who invented this?.
.and what are the disadvantages?.
.and its physical charcteristics?
tnx so much.
.emal me at [email protected]
.tnx so much if you answered this.

Submitted by kean

:roll: :lol: :) oo..yea

Submitted by rosmifazre

what is this for?

Submitted by khaye

This is cool,[: I want one,but I dont think ill get one.

Submitted by Anonymous

Luv this its so awesome! But its really expensive also who invented it?

:lol: :) ;)

Submitted by demi lovat

Well it's good.i'm sure people will like it..

Submitted by charlie

Heyyyy this is the koolest invention ever!!!!!!!

Submitted by awesome pe

Sixth preiod rock and is better than mr.j

Submitted by brandon fr

Sixth preiod rock and is better than mr.j

Submitted by brandon fr

This is asome hi highland

Submitted by brandon

What country invented this gadget?

Submitted by JAYCEL

:lol: this is a better invention!! :)

Submitted by Kaw1256

:lol: this is a better invention!! :)

Submitted by Kaw1256

Hi...when I read your article about your invention,i was amazed,and wanted to know more about your invention,can I ask some questions?

-when you invent laserpod supernova?
-who are the people behind this invention?
-does your government support you?
-what are the advantages and disadvantages?
-who is your inspirations?
-is this your own idea?
-why did you invent this?
-what formulas did you used?
-when it is used?
-is it important in our life?

_hope for your immediate answer.just reply me at [email protected] you...

Submitted by Clejie

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