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Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboard Additions

Posted on July 21, 2008 by , with 23975 views

Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboard Additions

Kinesis Corporation(R), the leading innovator of ergonomic computer keyboards and related devices, today announced two new accessories for the award winning Freestyle(TM) Convertible Keyboard family which includes the Freestyle Solo(TM) keyboard. The new Freestyle V3(TM) and Ascent Multi-tent(TM) accessories, along with the previously-released Incline and VIP accessories, enable the Solo keyboard to improve the comfort and productivity of nearly any computer user. The easy-on/easy-off Freestyle accessories provide a virtual "Swiss army knife" of ergonomic features and configurations.

The Freestyle Solo keyboard is available in both Macintosh and PC versions.

According to Kinesis President and CEO Will Hargreaves, PhD, "Our vision for the Freestyle keyboard has been a modular design to address the majority of user needs ranging from the mainstream to the specialized." Hargreaves added, "With the addition of the simple to use and inexpensive Freestyle V3 three-angle tenting accessory, and the versatile Ascent Multi-tent accessory, we have met our objectives for this product family." Both home and corporate computer users can benefit tremendously from this highly adaptable keyboard solution.

The heart of the Freestyle lineup is the Solo keyboard. A traditional but compact key layout minimizes adaptation and eases mousing movements, but that's where traditional keyboard design ends.

The Solo consists of two keying modules connected together by the flexible Pivot Tether(TM), which allows infinite adjustment of the front opening angle (splay). Removing the Pivot Tether allows the two modules to completely separate up to eight inches. A variety of optional, interchangeable accessories, including the V3 and Ascent kits, provide features never before available from a single keyboard.

The V3 accessory clips easily to the base of the Solo Keyboard and allows quick and reproducible slope settings of 5, 10 and 15 degrees without the use of tools. The V3 can be used with or without the Pivot Tether. In addition, optional palm supports provide further flexibility. The result is a highly stable typing platform.

The Ascent Multi-tent (TM) accessory for the first time enables both vertical and variable keyboard tenting as well as adjustable separation of the keying modules. Tenting angles may be independently set for each keying module in 10 degree increments ranging from 20 to 90 degrees. The sturdy, steel multi-tent modules attach with screws to the underside of the Solo keying modules. A linking plate is provided which can be attached without tools to hold the keying modules at the desired separation distance. The Ascent is intended for users who require more acute tenting angles, such as those with limited rotation of wrists, and those who just prefer a more aggressive tenting angle.

Ergonomic professionals attending the National Ergonomics Conference awarded The PC Freestyle model the "Attendees Choice Award" (Dec. 2006) as one of the products most likely to increase productivity and profitability while improving workplace health and safety. The Macintosh Freestyle model was released in June of 2008.

Suggested retail price for the Freestyle V3 and Accent Multi-tent accessory is $24.95 and $199.00, respectively (Solo Keyboard $99.00).

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