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Kilo Glow Bicycle Illuminates In The Dark

Posted on August 25, 2012 by , with 22650 views

Kilo Glow Bicycle Illuminates In The Dark

Here's an interesting concept, and one which would make bicycle use much, much safer.

The Kilo GLOW bicycle can light up in the darkness, without using sophisticated, expensive LED systems. Instead the bike relies on paint alone to create the effect.

PureFix have came up with the idea, coating the entire bike's frame in a glow-in-the-dark paint. An hour's sun absorption into the paint will allow for one hour of glowing in the dark. You can therefore cycle to work in the morning, soak up some rays, and then cycle home at night illuminated by the glowing frame.

The light alone will not allow you to see far enough in front to rely solely on it, but will emit enough light to heighten your visiblity with other road users. The bike is available in numerous sizes and are completely customisable.

So, if you're looking for a safe, inexpensive way to improve your cycling experience, look no further than a simple coating of glow-in-the-dark paint.

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Da bike is a mix of bmx and mountain bike

Submitted by idk

This is a scam. You only have a small amount of paint in front for front vision

Submitted by SLIM SHADY

Omg I really want one of these bicycles.

Submitted by samuel jon

That's is so amazing..- villa rental bali indonesia

asian retreat

Submitted by victoria

This invention is very interesting to me! Because I usually ride a bike! If I go home in dark it help me I sure.
if it is merchandising once, I want to buy it

Submitted by JunHyung

Kmhyqb I really enjoy the blog post. Fantastic.

Submitted by bookmarkin

I lik this invention.i like to use such a bicycle......

Submitted by Alwin..X

Cool really really cooooooolllll =) I love it

Submitted by twenty fou

That's quite intersting and useful too.......thankew reactioninvention

Submitted by emily

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