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Ion Usb Turntable Turn Vinyl Into Mp3 Or Wav

Posted on May 16, 2007 by , with 10490 views

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With an old media format such as the vinyl it can be hard to convert them into a modern day format such as MP3 or WAV, leaving many vinyls gathering dust on the shelf.

Well, now thanks to the ION USB turntable, it is possible to simply plug in the turntable via USB to your PC and begin converting vinyls into MP3 or WAV format ready to be played on your portable MP3 player.

The turntable comes with bundled software including Audacity not only to simplify the conversion process, but to repair glitches to give your vinyl music a new lease of life.

So never again will you need to worry about losing those classic tunes from yester years, but you can travel contently listening to old age music on a brand new MP3 player. It's like back to the future but without the need for a nutty professor.

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