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Ikon Remote Control Buggy

Posted on December 4, 2011 by , with 16916 views

"> Buy Now Ikon Remote Control Buggy

A remote control toy that works with Apple products. Innovative toy company Wow Stuff! have launched a series of iKon Remote Control toys that are compatible with the iPhone/iPod, and also have the official Apple seal of approval.

The iKon Buggy comes with an iKon Remote Control Dongle that plugs into the spare port on an iPhone, iPod, iPad or iTouch. Once this is installed, you can download the free app to turn the iPhone into an infra red controller. The Buggy is a great looking futuristic RC vehicle that's appealing to a broad age range of users.

+ The iKon Remote Control Buggy is compatible to use with Apple iPhone, iPad and iTouch/iPod products.
+ Remote Control Dongle to control the buggy
+ A fully licensed Apple product using its microchip technology

You can pick one of these up from the IWOOT Store.

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Ride on it

Submitted by cant say

It is very creative. I like this

Submitted by aarya soni

There are many apps for that. My favorite is air display and log me in.air display os the best but it works with only mac ctrpuoems for now. Windows support is on it's way.before you get app, read the description carefully and decide your if it's of any use to you.

Submitted by Dawn

Ttsekm I really enjoy the post. Really great.

Submitted by cheap book

This is so awesome so I might visit it often. Wait for more commands.

Submitted by bruse

The brillent invention made by the scientists

Submitted by Farhat

Battlefield 3 is the best game ever!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous

I know that many inventions are created by ambition is to become a scientist.internet helped me to know more about scientists and their inventions.

Submitted by S.Joseph

I thought i'd have to read a book for a dicosvery like this!

Submitted by Ricky

This is really cool, I wish I had an ipod so I could get it!

Submitted by David

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