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Human Fish Breathing Equipment

Posted on February 27, 2007 by , with 8071 views

Human Fish Breathing Equipment

Israeli Inventor, Alon Bodner, has developed a piece of breathing equipment which will allow humans to breathe naturally underwater without the need for large air cylinder tanks.

The limitations with such cylinders are that the amount of time any diver can remain underwater is short, therefore discovery is not optimal. When a diver re-emerges, the need for a nearby re-fueling facility is essential. Also, compressed air can be dangerous if the quantity exceeds the recommended value in a confined space. These cylinders also hinder a diver's movement and mobility.

Bodner, realising that there was scope for improvement decided to tackle the problem based on the following prophecy.

"The amount of gas that can be dissolved in a liquid body is proportional to the pressure on the liquid body."

The invention will allow a diver to utilise the air which is contained within water to eliminate the need for large gas tanks. Based on this concept, the kit includes a centrifuge which spins rapidly to create a narrow sealed air pocket. One kilo Lithium battery is expected to provide a diver approximately one hour diving time.

The Israeli Navy have already declared their interest in the tankless breathing equipment which is expected to hit the main'stream' over the next few years. It will be simply connected to a diver's vest for simplicity.

A breath of fresh air we believe!

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Submitted by me

It is probably whlohwtire to make one of your adjustable wrenches a . It is short enough to fit into a compact kit but also has jaws that open wide enough to fit around a tank valve or other large object.

Submitted by Nikitha

I think that this invention is a great idea that any one can think of creating

Submitted by nani

Only truly ignorant people have no clue as to how important being able to safely work under water is to everyone - underwater welders and rescue workers both could use this kind of thing and it would be fantastic.

Submitted by Megera

Why in the world would someone waist there time thinking up ways to make it eaiser to scuba dive. Make something up useful for people who have important things to do in their lives. Aka, try again :?

Submitted by jessicaluv

Thanks for the inventor now fishermen and underwater job can move quick and safety.

thanks again.

Submitted by catskill

Your message here.. :roll:

Submitted by Anonymous

I think this invention is a good idea people now can take a longer look at the coral instead of beathing every couple of mins

Submitted by sam

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