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Hidra Wiperless Windshield For Cars

Posted on February 24, 2008 by , with 9599 views

Hidra Wiperless Windshield For Cars

Thanks to nanotechnology it is possible to explore new invention opportunities and take advantage of these.

The latest to hit the scene is a wiperless windshield for cars and other forms of transport. The windshield was designed by Leonardo Fioravanti of Pininfarina named the Hidra. The Hidra utilizes an aerodynamic design and uses four layers to acheive the effect.

The first later acts as the core protection, which both repels water and prevent debris passing through to the second layer which features 'nano-dust' which forces dirt to the outer edges of the windshield. This second layer is initiated by the third layer which has sensors attached for locating dirt.

The final layer conducts electricity to distribute power to to all four layers and allow it to function.

The invention is likely to take up to five years to become common on modern cars, but a prototype has already been created on a concept car.

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This is really a great invention,but what are the principle on which this function ?

Submitted by samuel itu

I have an idea for years of making a car with out idea with your idea would make the perfect wiper-less cars and I have the perfect name. My # 305 788-0377

Submitted by Guillermo

Good idea... May not work as well as they would hope tho

Submitted by Scottee

Dat freakin kool 8) :d :)

Submitted by babygurl91

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