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Hands Free Binocular Glasses Get Up Close

Posted on September 20, 2007 by , with 8536 views

Hands Free Binocular Glasses Get Up Close

Anyone who frequents major sporting events understands that they will more than likely be a reasonable distance away from the action, unless they fork out double the price for a nearby seat. Despite the electric atmosphere, it can be difficult to truly appreciate the player's skills being so far from the action. Binoculars have proven popular with a small minority, but it can be difficult to enjoy your food or beer simultaneously. You can now rest easy thanks to the Hands-Free Binocular Glasses which allow for such an occasion.

The hands free design holds no restrictions and possesses a 2.1x magnification lens to zoom into specific areas. Worn like normal glasses, you can use them for many occasions and all up close and personal, we'll leave you to determine such possibilities. Each lens can be set separately, and are flexible enough to feel comfortable when worn. These binoculars also eradicate reflections and glows thanks to the frosted lenses.

The current price for the Binocular glasses is $119.95, more than worth the price if you regularly attend sporting events. Magnific-ation-ent!

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How cool, I wonder how do you ,make it and what are the materials?????? 8) 8) :d :)

Submitted by Anonymous

:d maybe some of the alaskans can use it for subsistence hunting.

Submitted by Tuggerz

Your message here.. :? :? Wots tha piont

Submitted by tom

Good!!! You dont need to hold this binocular,it helps you to lighten your work..hehehe

Submitted by edsel

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