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Guru Watch Sports Led Light Display

Posted on October 30, 2007 by , with 7403 views

Guru Watch Sports Led Light Display

Watches commonly have one function, and that is to tell the time in as simple a format as possible. Well, Guru have manufactured a watch which goes against this general rule of thumb to create a new innovation which conversely makes reading the time a more prolonged process.

The watch includes 82 LED's which are arranged in four blocks of both red and amber color. When you look at the time, the LED's perform a dance, as the lights gradually reveal the precise time.

We can't really see the appeal in such an item, since it takes a while to display the time, we can envisage this becoming quite frustrating as time, quite literally, passes by.


* Funky leather watches with custom developed LED displays.
* Choose from a silver colored frame and red LEDs or a black frame with amber LEDs.
* LEDs split into 4 cubes on the watch face.
* Press the control button once to reveal the time - the LEDs form the number.
* Press the control button twice and the month in digits and date is displayed.
* Press the control button thrice to select an alarm time.
* 2 LEDs at the side to indicate 'pm' and whether the alarm is set.
* The watches are water resistant.
* Genuine leather straps.
* Stainless steel fascia case.
* Gift Boxed.
* Suitable for ages 12 years+.
* Size: 6 x 3cm (watch face).

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