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Gsm Jammers Which Mute Those Annoying Ring Tones

Posted on October 4, 2007 by , with 9218 views

Gsm Jammers Which Mute Those Annoying Ring Tones

We all know that mobile phones have revolutionised the way we communicate in the modern world. The ability to contact people from any location, easily and conveniently makes mobiles many peoples most valuable item which they carry. Despite the obvious advantages, we still have to endure the negatives, such as the annoying crazy frog ring tone sounding in the middle of a theatre, cinema or sporting event.

Regardless of warning signs instructing phones to be completely switched off, there are still a minority who keep their phone on, moreover not even in silent mode. This can be frustrating when you're trying to enjoy yourself in a public venue. In an effort to eliminate this problem, enter the GSM jammer, a device which blocks calls to al phones within close proximity.

GSM jammers are illegal in many countries, so be careful if you decide to purchase one. Jammers are typically expensive and bulky which deter most people, but this new GSM jammer can be held in your palm, can block GSM signals on the 850-1900MHz frequency band in either 10m or 30 ft around. Retaining the jammer in your pocket in a theatre is a discreet way of ensuring no phones will interrupt the occasion.

So live in comfort that your enjoyment will not be spoiled when in possession of this GSM jammer. Although, bear in mind that the jammer should be used sensibly and not in an attempt to annoy those around you needlessly. So, next time you enter the cinema rest assured that no phones will be going off, although it begs the question as to why such venues don't have such jammers pre-installed. Perhaps an imminent addition to a cinema near you.

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