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Grace Stand Improves Laptop Usability And Comfort

Posted on July 31, 2009 by , with 11077 views

Grace Stand Improves Laptop Usability And Comfort

Thanks to our increasing need for mobility and instant access to information, laptop computers are no longer a luxury - they are a necessity.

However, we're paying a price for convenience. The ergonomical side effects of constantly using a laptop may carry serious health risks.

The GRACE STAND corrects this problem, providing a unique, portable and flexible surface for adjusting your laptop into an ergonomically correct position.

Inventor Karel Strydom was inspired to create the GRACE STAND during a long-distance flight, when he noticed a man hunched uncomfortably over a laptop, with the screen at an awkward angle and insufficient lighting on the keyboard.

In our brave new world of mobile technology, physiotherapists, chiropractors and optometrists are treating more and more laptop-related injuries. These include disorders such as Repetitive Strain Injuries, Cervical Posture Syndrome (Kyphosis), Cervical Headaches, Rhomboid Muscle Strain or Spasm and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Furthermore, laptop use also causes visual discomfort, forcing users to invest in expensive multi-focal lenses.

It is vital that these issues are addressed in both work and home environments - and the GRACE STAND offers the perfect solution.

For more information, visit the GraceSTAND website

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Free knowledge like this doesn't just help, it prmoote democracy. Thank you.

Submitted by Mattie

This is so cool keep up with the inventions!! ;)

Submitted by laura

Google gracestand and buy online. We ship anywhere in the world.

Submitted by GraceStand

8) :d :roll: :) :) ;) :p :( :lol: :oops: :?

Submitted by 12345

Looking for this type from four years

Submitted by rajaramesh

How can we buy it attach already when we purchasing a laptop.i hope u will answer for thos questions.send answers to [email protected]

Submitted by karthick s

Hoy fekfek libog k ahh anu ka ba? Ala k bang pinag aralan?

Submitted by grace

Go fuck yourself..cunt!!!

Submitted by fucker69

Sarap mo cguro sumipsip ng titi 8)

Submitted by fekfek

Can I take the girl and be my friend??? :d

Submitted by Krystaljae

Hey gud day and god bless :roll: :)

Submitted by Anonymous

Its awsome, thats all I can say,.... :d

Submitted by king

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