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Google Face Detection Software

Posted on July 3, 2012 by , with 19752 views

Google Face Detection Software

Face detection is becoming more common in still photographs but the technology has yet failed to support video footage. Google is looking to break into this brand of technology and has filed a patent application. The Google technology will use a series of video frames to generate clusters of facial representations which are associated with any person.

By understanding what someone looks like from any given angle, Google could then associate a name to whenever that person is recognised in a video clip. The technology is sophisticated enough to handle differences in lighting, shadows and faces at any conceivable angle.

The technology will offer an added option to YouTube, offering the ability to tag whoever appears in a single video. No more claiming the video where you ran naked through a crowd of people wasn't you - the technology will prove otherwise and tag you. Consider it a blessing or a curse, but the technology looks sure to be integrated into Google's products in the near future.

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Submitted by zaviyah

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Submitted by J.C. Jusai

This invetion is stupid I live in california and we have some underrated ivnetors and they are better than google. This invetion can be a millon timesd better. So I will make it and ship it to you. Google!!!!!

Submitted by JaMacus Ja

Articles like this are an eaxlmpe of quick, helpful answers.

Submitted by Kairii

Um3bqj I cannot thank you enough for the article post.much thanks again. Really cool.

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Submitted by manish

Not sure this is a 'new invention'. This has been around for a while, wirewax have been doing something similar for some time now, It'll be good to know how google will use it, just linking people to their google+ account?? There must be some advertising involved somewhere :/

Submitted by Terry Edwa

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