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Gesture Watch Controls Via Motion

Posted on July 24, 2007 by , with 6452 views

Gesture Watch Controls Via Motion

As technology grows, it conversely reduces in size. MP3 players and mobile phones were initially rather large, whereas now a more powerful phone can wrap around your wrist and worn as a watch. As we advance technologically, the next phase which we enter is gesture-based controls. This idea consists of using human motion to dictate the controls of an object.

The wristwatch which is being developed to experiment with this new concept includes five infrared sensors, which monitor motion and translate the associated motion to the instruction. For example, waving your arm backwards may be associated with an MP3 player's rewind function. All very well in theory, but in practice the idea isn't entirely practical and may leave you looking a bit eccentric to on-lookers.

In some scenarios, the idea would be more practical, perhaps in a work environment whilst operating machinery. The Gesture watch is definitely an interesting move, but not necessarily a move forwards. What makes the watch better than an everyday remote control or buttons on an MP3 player itself? It sounds fun, but doesn't come across as being practical for such trivial tasks.

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It's about time seomone wrote about this.

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