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Flexible Mobile Phones Improve Longevity

Posted on August 15, 2007 by , with 8950 views

Flexible Mobile Phones Improve Longevity

Mobile phones, as we all know, are immensely popular and therefore new innovations within the mobile industry are common. The most recent focuses on the longevity and durability, to overcome damage caused by accidentally dropping the phone or 'accidentally' throwing it down after an argument.

The idea is simple. A mobile phone immune to damage or breakages made from a soft material to limit risk to the components. The phone itself is encompassed in flexible casing, and a polymer inset is positioned between both the chipset and casing. The phone can be contorted, sat on, thrown around at will without any adverse affect.

The flexible nature of the display, allows the phone to bend and twist, whilst hosting the keypad on its surface. The appearance seems extremely paper-like, as it also includes ink which can be manipulated via electrical signals, known as electrowetting, which is so quick that the process appears seamless. The process also allows video to be displayed, due to the speed of the process.

This new technology is being developed by Robert Hayes and Johan Feenstra which has already attracted much attention.

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