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Ferrari Gym

Posted on July 17, 2007 by , with 7669 views

Ferrari Gym

The Ferrari brand has diversified their market, since exclusively cars, and now we have a Ferrari gym to add to the company's portfolio. As with every product manufactured by Ferrari the logo itself seems reason enough to merit a lengthy price tag. Despite this, Ferrari is renowned for style and design, a commodity which they constantly achieve across their growing range of products.

Showcasing the familiar red and black tones, the Ferrari Gym looks stylish whilst mirroring the aesthetics of the car counterpart. The gym itself hosts beige leather against a vibrant red frame to retain the familiar look and build on the admiration of other products. The gym permits 25 different exercises, to ensure a comprehensive full body workout. This is achieved via the Wellness Mate computer which can be programmed with further routines if required. A key card comes included with the gym which holds all your personal routines, and can also be updated from the Internet with new core routines.

For �10,000 the gym does not come cheap, but for those of whom can afford such items without breaking the bank, then this gym not only looks the part but performs as well as it appears, placing increased focus on individual workouts and routines. Price tag aside, the Ferrari Gym looks in great shape.

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