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Fathers Day Gift Scangauge Ii Automotive Computer

Posted on June 10, 2007 by , with 7315 views

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Stuck for an idea for fathers day? Then look no further than the ScanGauge computer. This device attaches to any car and provides additional information. The device is simple to set up and attach, and also indicates when engine trouble occurs as well as a number of different data.

The colored digital straps indicate fuel economy, battery voltage, coolant temperature, and engine speed. Additionally, the computer tracks your vehicle's maximum speed, average speed, trip fuel economy, driving time, driving distance, and several other pieces of trip data. It also ensures that all warning lights are functioning as required all from one small single point of reference.

The device situates on or below the dashboard fixed to the OBD-II connector on 1996 and newer cars. The device automatically kicks into action when the engine initiates and shuts down when the engine cuts off. All data can be controlled via a simple yet sophisticated menu system.

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