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Estes Digital Video Rocket Astrovision Blasts Off

Posted on September 2, 2007 by , with 7727 views

Estes Digital Video Rocket Astrovision Blasts Off

Rockets have long since fascinated young boys, and some adults, but it has been a while since any major change has been witnessed. The speed at which rockets can reach are a contributing factor to the enjoyment which many of us feel when experimenting with not only rockets, but a span of gadgets.

Estes have recently announced a new rocket with a twist. They are unveiling a rocket with an attached video camera for taking footage of the entire flight which can be played back to capture the actual journey, without having to propel yourself into the air. The camera is accommodated in the nosecone of the Astrovision, which is capable of recording clips up to 12 seconds long with a resolution of 640x480. The camera can also take single photographs, although limited to three per flight, which can be downloaded to a PC via the easy to use USB connection.

The rocket should be available in September for $59.95, which includes a launch pad and a controller to ensure you more than one flight from the rocket.

Whether you're a child or a parent, this rocket will navigate it's way into your collection.

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