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Entecho Hoverpad Is A Step Closer To Flying Cars

Posted on May 5, 2009 by , with 18257 views

Entecho Hoverpad Is A Step Closer To Flying Cars

Flying cars have long been predicted as a possibility in the future, but there has been very little progress made with this advanced form of technology. Thankfully, an Australian company called Entecho have developed hover technology. The hover car is powered by a series of large blades, which spin at very high rates to allow the vehicle to hover. The skirt around the edge of the vehicle, allow for directional manipulation, aka steering.

Surprisingly, the hoverpod can reach speeds up to 120 kmh, with a range of 3 km. We are told that the pod can hover up to 1.5 metres above the ground and can accommodate three passengers. The vehicle is safe, in the sense that the powerful blades are not exposed, but packed away under the body of the vehicle.
The vehicle is still under development, and actually has been so for the last few years.

It's not quite a flying car, but it's definitely one step closer to opening up the possibility of such technology in the not so distant future.

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That's a ssneible answer to a challenging question

Submitted by JongRak

Wow that's awesome and stupid

Submitted by Elizabeth

Looks more like something for squeezing oranges than a car....

Submitted by Jon

Wow!! This thing is so!! Rad!!! I so want 1...
n sorry I ment 2 say dumb!!! Lol :p

Submitted by bren-duh!!

Hahaha you said "dunb"

Submitted by meme

U guys are dunb!!! U have nothin else 2 do!!
kool invention though!!! Love it!!!
- brenda 8)

Submitted by lozer!

Wow it is amazing thing!!! Luis ur just hatin :d :roll: ;)

Submitted by rosa

I'm madly, deeply, in l-o-v-e

Submitted by I am in lo

All odf these inventions are pretyty tight but I can't find the right one I am looking for I am so pissed

Submitted by mad

Step closer to flying cars? Wow! :p

Submitted by ace

Technology is getting too advance they need to slow down!!!!!! :roll: :oops: :? :(

Submitted by anonymos

Its da culest gadget ive had of dis year

Submitted by minus

I think i'm gonna puke waaaaaahhh!!!!!!!! :oops:

Submitted by i get mone

Yo boi dis be off my chain son
i be hoverin and bumpin all ova' town sucka

Submitted by ya mama

8) cool... I'm interested on it

Submitted by Anonymous's kinda scary..but I want to try it..

Submitted by nobody

:oops: it is so fakee!!! Dah!

Submitted by PaoLo

It does look kind of.....fake :?

Submitted by anonymous

I know how to make a hover car, its one simple advance from the hoverpad.

Submitted by Chris

It cooooool, however does it really work. Or just..... ;)

Submitted by Samar

What does is it's energy source

Submitted by bruce

Oooo.. I want one of these my book my order :d

Submitted by ron

Id like to be a test pilot thanks

Submitted by Michael Gu

Its kinda excitin to hear but kinda scary too..bcoz one prob wil send u crashin down :roll:

Submitted by sharath

I wanna be the first to ride it ;)

Submitted by johanz

Pretty cool im getting it!!!

Submitted by scott

Sorry to everybody who likes this, but it looks so fake.

Submitted by XLR

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