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Dxg 5d7v Worlds First 3d Video Camcorder

Posted on August 1, 2010 by , with 32238 views

Dxg 5d7v Worlds First 3d Video Camcorder

With the world beginning to get to terms with HD equipment, it is only fitting that the worlds first 3D enabled pocket camcorder has been launched. Courtesy of DGX, no glasses are required to appreciate the 3D imagery, utilising the 3.2-inch LCD camcorder display, on the included 3D 7-inch media player.

The camcorder also takes 2D images and video, but the 3d feature will be the persuasive selling point. The camcorder includes touch-screen technology and a remote control allowing you to view and control your video content and still images quickly and effortlessly.

Here are the technical specifications:

DXG 3D Media Player Specifications:

Dimensions: 8.39" (W) x 5.41" (H) x 0.94" (D)
LCD: 7" Parallax-Barrier Auto-Stereoscopic (Glasses-Free) TFT Display
Resolution: 800�480
Display Effects: Normal, black and white, Sepia, Lens Distortion
Video Format & Resolution: MPEG4, AVI, 720�480p at 30fps
Audio & Image Format: MP3; JPEG
Control Format: Touchable Keys, Remote Control
Audio & Video Output: AVOUT, Earphone Stereoscopic Output
Storage: Supports SD/MMC
Power Supply: 5V DC, 2A
Output Interface: USB 2.0

The DGX 3D camcorder is available from for $599.99.

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Hope that when I grow up I can have my own
discoveries and inventions

Submitted by brylle

Cmigmk thanks-a-mundo for the post.really thank you! Great.

Submitted by bookmarkin

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Submitted by huff it

When I sneeze my nose aches and falls off. I need personal opinion about this. My children keep taking my nose after it falls off. Im not sure if I should keep trying to put it back on or just to let them keep it. What should I do?

Submitted by huff it

I want goat to come out of camera

Submitted by Bill Gregs

Marveles invention but price ????????
l will think ??????
still thinking ??

Submitted by vishal

Got one,the picture is more like a 2d-hologram rather than real 3d...but who gives a phuck

Submitted by King Georg

Not complete...
who's the inventor ?

Submitted by mik

I could read a book about this without finding such real-world approahces!

Submitted by Jobeth

8)8)8)8)8)cool this gadget looks cool awesome min blowing 80)8_8)8)8)

Submitted by Pranavi

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Submitted by Anonymous

:? 8) :oops: :d :lol: :roll: :( :) :p ;)

Submitted by Johnetha M

This is the da shhh :lol:

Submitted by mike

Perhaps it could one day work with snapper

Submitted by product-in

I just got this in t he mail they lie about the 3d part you need the 300$ glasses :(

Submitted by yaa

Sick. And its not 599.99 on the site I just looked at it and it was 399.99 :)

Submitted by COOOOOOOOO

Wow wat an invention but I wish there were more interesting ones :lol:

Submitted by a4n d

Wow..i gotta have one of those... ;) :p :d

Submitted by darling my

This cam is fluffin kool.... Ppl should com up wit more stuff like this lol ;)

Submitted by sally

Wow :) amazing... Waiting 4 it :):):)

Submitted by vaish

Wow amazing really cool 8)

Submitted by leomill

Dude thats really cool to bad its not affordable

Submitted by rpm

What is the use for this anyway? It might be fun for the first day,but still no use. Probably high cost too.

Submitted by hufy1on1

Much better than 2d!! :lol: 8)

Submitted by kk

Really a fantastic achievement....
lukin forward 2 it... :p

Submitted by namrata

That'is really cool it reminds me of the 3d rollar coaster

Submitted by Lizzi

How I wish it would be very affordable!!!

Submitted by Em

Who ever had time too think of that, was smart! :)
i think it will be cool if it actually works!!!! :)

Submitted by andreya ke

Now we will have 3d if we need this, ..wait a minute....
maybe we do :lol: :roll: ;)

Submitted by Broke blok

:d :d :d :d :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: this is awesome

Submitted by nobody

Woooooooow it sounds awsome 8) :p 8) :p 8) :) 8) :)

Submitted by charmander

Coooooooooooooooooooooool :lol: 8)

Submitted by robieee!

Yoo ill muchacha11 :roll: 8) :lol:

Submitted by rick222

Yoooo tom tellin peopple as it is!! Sick kid 8)

Submitted by rob

For the people who said that it doesnt work give it a chance...sick kids :roll:

Submitted by tom

Ugggg what to write what to write, ohoy ohoy ohoy!!!!! :? 8) :d :oops: :lol: :roll: :) :( :p ;)

Submitted by muchacha11

Hahaha!!! Like that really works! I'm gonna use it as my technology article anyway!!!! Hahahah ily

Submitted by muchacha11

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let me know what you guys think

Submitted by Modern Afg

Hmmm I wonder if it works!! :lol:

Submitted by kayla deni

Explain camcorder & plz explain its working!

Submitted by Anonymous

Supadupafantabulous :lol: :lol:

Submitted by pooper

I would buy that if I was only a sucker im not that dumb it doesnt work :( :oops:

Submitted by Hellya Yus

I'll bet it dosen't work :roll:

Submitted by katie

What is the use of this ................ And why you invent this kind of camera

Submitted by christian

Wow.... Its really amazing hmmm

Submitted by Renika

This camcorder is junk. Wb, ray

Submitted by Jacob

This sounds great! Who invented it though? Soooocool!! I want it! :lol:

Submitted by nikki

Miras retarded, an opinion is wat you think about it and you spelled it wrong :roll:

Submitted by heartoletu

dats really grat...
by the way, who was the inventor of this gadget??
if anyone knows???????????!!!!!!! :d

Submitted by JhaiCa17

:roll: thats really great!!! Its amazing :lol:

Submitted by grai

Wow' sana mkabili rin ako nito

8) 8) :d :d

Submitted by grai michi

Wow! Thats great invention.....where it is available....

Submitted by katz

Your message here.. ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Submitted by dosh

Hahaha!!!! Cnu pla inventor nito?

Submitted by kenneth

Yeah man datz wat guddie hunnn

Submitted by mzsexii2fl

Yeah dey get it in haha 8)

Submitted by dior

Dats a really cool camcorder.....
i hav never even thought of it before

Submitted by aakarsh

Hey again...
ummmhh...please contact me at [email protected]
my email lets talk...

Submitted by minorca sa

That was cool...
its really awesome...
youre great...
i like you

Submitted by minorca sa

Pls give me the openion of camcorder

Submitted by mira

It is a cool and fantastic camcorder 8)

Submitted by malik saja

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