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Doxie Portable Scanner

Posted on April 16, 2010 by , with 25900 views

Doxie Portable Scanner

At first glance this does not look like a scanner. Light, compact and an unconventional shape would excuse you from making this assumption. This, however, is not intended to lie in your office, but has been made with portability in mind. Take it with you on your business travels, allowing for quick and easy duplicating of any documents needed. The product was revealed three months ago, but has only now started being shipped. The Doxie scanner retails at $129, and is likely to prove a trusty companion for all your business expeditions.

The scanner is extremely lightweight, weighing in at a mere 10.9 ounces. It is also USB powered, allowing you to scan paper directly to PC's, Macs and a selection of web apps such as Acrobat, Flickr and Google Docs. With no power cable required, simply plug in the USB cable and you're ready to scan. The Doxie scanner will scan any document in full colour up to 600 dpi, and could not be simpler to use - simply press the DOxie 'Heart' Button on the scanner and scanning will begin.

The features of the Doxie scanner include;

* Color scanning at up to 600 dpi with automatic page detection
* Lightweight, ultra-portable design with included case
* Doxieʼs Heart Button: innovative multi-action button for one press scanning and sharing
* Included software for simple scanning and direct cloud sharing
* Direct integration with popular desktop and web apps like Google Docs, Picasa, and more
* Free Doxie Cloud service for turning paper into postable URLs for instant sharing and web-based access on iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices
* Automatic cropping, rotation, contrast, and image cleanup for crisp, clean scans
* Advanced photo editing with direct support for the Picnik online photo editing suite
* Save as PDF, JPEG, or lossless PNG
* Fully accessorized with cloud scanning software, USB cable, quick start guide, leatherette

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Really good
can you please send me complete details and prices c&fc5% karachi pakistan

Submitted by shahid

I always like new inventions .thank you researchers.

Submitted by MSA's nice portable piece for me...

Submitted by ajay gour

Ill say......its nice!
ill buy 1 for my dad....if I had money....

Submitted by jamil

This new invention is wonderful.

Submitted by Kristian P

:? 8) :d :oops: :lol: :roll: :) :( :p ;)

Submitted by sun yat se

What about its dimensions and compactibility...

Submitted by manish

:roll: :roll: :oops: :lol: :( :p ;) 8) :?

Submitted by omini

Who invented this device plz..

Submitted by Niki

Can you invent a cellphone with a scanner? I just long for that thing since I was in high school

Submitted by jeremy...

Very nice,,, where can I get some?

Submitted by jeremy...

I like new ideas ... It helped me for ma entrepreneurship project .. Ty ty :) :) :d

Submitted by hussain

This doxie scanner is so cool. I am writeing something about :p

Submitted by Keke

Wow, from where do I can get this. mail me.

Submitted by Ravjot Ahl

This rocks :p ;) :oops: :roll: 8) :d

Submitted by latin girl

Uqhhh.. :roll: :oops: ;) :roll: :oops:

Submitted by Cici

It's the best idea ever :p ;) 8) :d

Submitted by mexican ch

What are the properties of matter do that scanner have?? Bip me back 4 da answers...

Submitted by jejemonica

Can it scan a 3.5 x 3.5 mm phto

Submitted by Sandeep sh

:) ang cute sna meon d2 sa philppnez :p :( :lol: :roll: :d

Submitted by kharel

Who is the inventor of this doxie portable scanner??? :p :p :p

Submitted by Jhem

It helps me in seminar..... Thank you

Submitted by gethesh

So cool...can u send me all the details on your doxie portable scanner

Submitted by kitchie

Who invented it? :p ;) :( :oops:

Submitted by ktkat

Ooh good idea I like it

Submitted by charivel p

This is good for business

Submitted by Rehan Nazi

This invention is god awful :(

Submitted by Megan Walt

Soooooo coolllll fantastic item 8) :d :roll: :) ;) :p :lol:

Submitted by ng yit san

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