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D Box Mfx Seats To Be Introduced To Cinemas

Posted on May 15, 2010 by , with 22341 views

D Box Mfx Seats To Be Introduced To Cinemas

With all the progress and advancements in visual displays, including HD 3D, LCD televisions and 3d TV's, it's refreshing to see something else considered in an effort to improve the cinematic experience. The technology I'm talking about is the D-Box seat, revealed at the 2009 CES, but only now being installed in cinemas.

The seat essentially moves with the film. Speakers are fitted to the seat, to deliver a better sound, with more clarity. In South Jordan, one of the District's Megaplex's is going to host an entire theater with the D-Box seats built in.

28 D-Box MFX seats will be included in the auditorium, which equates to four rows, and will be the very first movie theater to offer such seats.

The seats and theater are hoping to be finalised and ready in time for the opening of Walt Disney's The Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time, with the D-Box seats being the hottest seats in the house.

I'm sure these seats will prove to be successful and this will be a stepping stone for cinemas worldwide to install similar technology, thus improving the cinematic experience for the public. Moving seats, as well as improved 3D technologies, will greatly improve the film experience and make it much more realistic and enjoyable.

Check the video below for further information regarding D-Box MFX theater seats.

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Submitted by Laly

Lxs2rq I think this is a real great post.really thank you! Want more.

Submitted by bookmarkin

Weve already got these in nz u retards weve had them for years!!!
u all are stupid

Submitted by matt

U guys r so lam ya shud be partyin outsid or find som1 2 be with

Submitted by vanessa

Amazing :d :) :d :) :d

Submitted by Alyssa

This gadget is the best. Hope I might get one

Submitted by Natnael Al

Plz.......send this to india soon

Submitted by rahul

Your message here.. :lol: :roll: :d 8) :? :oops: :) :( :p ;)

Submitted by kieser W

I think that the seats are small looking this is america people are fucking fat how on earth do you expect them to fit there asses in these thing :roll:

Submitted by lizzie

Aye dis fye as hex id like to sit in dis!!!!! Movies anyone??? Im paying :lol:

Submitted by smexxidee

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Submitted by hahahahaha

Aweome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Submitted by goku

Sana meron din yan sa pinas!!!!
walang ganyan sa pinas! Ha!ha!ha!

Submitted by Kiezer Mol

Dang diz fang is not kuuuul :roll: tonga has heaps... Come dwn and chek it owt.... :p kez yew'z weo be surprise of what tonga has for yew's

Submitted by Seini Vea

Coooooooooooool.....full of fun!!!!!! :d

Submitted by zaira

Your message here.. :lol:

Submitted by rahul

This rox. We neeed some in canada! Whoop! If u r a tourist, come here!

Submitted by idunno

I think that is so cool. They should definetly install these in movie theaters in california. I have experienced these (d-boxes) in san fransico a couple of years ago. I think they are really cool and fun and it definetly makes you movie experience 10 times better!!!!!!!! :p

Submitted by Korina

Oo nga..hanep!!!bka makaihi k naman s takot pag horror pinapanood mo...haha ;)

Submitted by nori

Hanep! Ganda naman yan! Kaylan kaya mgkakaroon dito sa pilipinas

Submitted by rod

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