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Cylo 3style 3d Mouse Prototype

Posted on March 5, 2007 by , with 6101 views

Cylo 3style 3d Mouse Prototype

This revolutionary mouse is built on 3 axes for improved movement and flexibility. Built for gaming, media, 3D and scrolling, this mouse is made to replace the basic mice which are prevalent on modern computer systems.

The mouse appears a little gimmicky for our liking, and the axes seems to be rather loose, which could reduce control rather than improve it, but perhaps could prove useful with certain basic applications.

Although unlikely to replace customary mice, some users may wish to give it a test drive, but we can't see this device getting out of 3rd gear at best.

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Hi again

Submitted by me again

Idiots! This invention sucks like hell dude! My invention is even better! Check out the "rechargable candles"

Submitted by AnnieJohns

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Submitted by ghostrocke

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