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Compuexpert Wow Keys For Iphone

Posted on April 28, 2011 by , with 29692 views

Compuexpert Wow Keys For Iphone

Some of us prefer a conventional computer keyboard, whereas a select few of the modern age technology enthusiasts are now opting for touch screen devices. Well, for those who prefer touch screen, look away now, otherwise keep reading as this may be of interest to you.

CompuExpert have revealed their latest product, a keyboard which holds an iPhone and transforms it from a touch screen display into a more conventional QWERTY style set-up. Named Wow-Keys, the device was exclusively designed to favour the iPhone, which will also act as both a docking device for synchronisation and charging capabilities. Omnio technologies have developed the WOW-Keys product which performs as a nice little multi purpose machine.

The iPhone is an extremely powerful device, especially for its size, and utilising the full power can sometimes be awkward and fiddly. This neat little gadget allows you to hook it up to a monitor and unleash the true multitasking capabilities of the smartphone. Inputting text becomes a lot easier, especially with the extra iPhone hotkeys. The sychronisation with iTunes is a nice touch but it's really all about improving the time it takes to input text and information into the iPhone itself.

The WOW-keys will be available from stores from 24th May for $99.99.

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Submitted by Irma

Smart just smart!

Submitted by Gavin Worl

I mean it is a cool idea but I wouldn't spend 100 dollars on it.

Submitted by Anthony I


Submitted by dong

What is that invention it is very cool to have
that because it is in the keyboard of the compu

Submitted by king gwapo

This post appears to get a good aummont of visitors. How do you advertise it? It offers a nice unique spin on things. I guess having something useful or substantial to say is the most important factor.

Submitted by Sun

Hey matze. Wahnsinn, das fcbertrifft jede vorstellung von dem, was ich erwartet hab, erhilch. Old habit hat genau das, wovon wir schon einmal gesprochen haben : es macht das gesehene zu einem erlebnis.

Submitted by Bonani

It is very nice,,, super nice...

who inventing this kind of new gadgets? Im so proud

Submitted by lovely :))

Pepe yung invention kantot kantot lang

Submitted by maki

Who is the inventer of this product?

Submitted by jacker

No more tring hard in typing using a touch screen

Submitted by keii;k,hjv

Hey...m confused ..plzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me ...which one is better java or .net??????????

Submitted by ishwar

I think this invention is useful for those who don't like touch screens or can't get used to them. Personally I prefer touch screens.

Submitted by railwaymen

I love it!!!!! It will keep me from having to try to type all those little letter know I can just type and im pretty good at typing.

Submitted by Ava Diaz

That is do ugly who would wanna buy stuff like that not me ugh...

Submitted by ambria

Cool...! Wish I could get one!

Submitted by diianna

Does the keyboard plug into a monitor

Submitted by jimmy

Cool! But i'm not interested to buy 1. Nor an iphone.

Submitted by Cheza

Great!! Who is the inventor of this?

Submitted by geeel

I agree with sarah cabu's comment on the invention .. It would be very big to carry .. But it's nice and the art is there .. Astig !! Thumbs up .. :)

Submitted by yhadsz

.. The new invention is nice ! It's a terrific idea! But it would be very big to carry .. It might be nicer if it was smaller :) but I like it it's great .. I hope I could get one ! :)

Submitted by sarah cabu

so creative!,....
i love it...

Submitted by cherrielyn

I like the invention but can you make the photos a lot bigger cause I can't see it properly......

Submitted by cheezy...

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