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Aston Martin Jaeger Lecoultre Wristwatch Gadget

Posted on September 12, 2007 by , with 7386 views

Aston Martin Jaeger Lecoultre Wristwatch Gadget

James Bond gadgets were always popular amongst the film's enthusiasts, and many of the gadgets which were created by the film have now entered the modern world. The latest gadget to receive the Bond treatment is a neat accessory to, no other than, the Aston Martin DBS. If the car was not elaborate enough, splash an additional $35000 and you will be the proud owner of a Jaeger LeCoultre wristwatch. Rather expensive for a wristwatch you may argue, but this is no ordinary watch, although first looks may suggest so.

Okay, so what does it have that "Q" himself would be proud of? The wristwatch is capable of locking and unlocking the car as well as initiating the engine. A very cool gadget, but due to the cost and the fact that you have to own an Aston Martin also, is depressing news for the less fortunate among us, myself included. The casing alone is mechanically developed with over 200 parts, as is the movement which allows the watch to actually function as a watch, but who really cares about it being able to display the time.

Parts from the DBS itself have been dramatically reduced in size to accommodate them into such a small item. Jaeger has dropped evidence of an even more expensive model soon to be manufactured. This new model may have the ability to control the movement of the car and dive through the open window whilst escaping the enemy. Now that would be true Bond style, with the added adrenalin rush and element of danger. Okay, too much Bond for me and more than likely not what the new model will hold, but we live in hope.

The watch comes in two variants, the 5 Grade Titanium model or the Rose-Gold version. Once on each wrist, anyone?

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