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Arcam Music Server

Posted on July 18, 2007 by , with 7357 views

Arcam Music Server

Arcam have addressed the needs of many music lovers to converge large music collections onto a single piece of equipment, saving vast amounts of space and creating a single reliable repository for all music.

Arcam's 400GB FMJ MS250 music server offers a massive amount of space, to eradicate the need for single CD's, and store every song you own in a single location. Not only does the server hold each song, it also has a built in CD player, to allow you to play the album currently being ripped. The enormous 400GB hard drive can store approximately 80,000 tunes effortlessly, equating to 4,800 compressed albums. A built in sound card ensures paramount sound as well as reliable music transfer.

The server is also equipped with an Ethernet port for Internet and PC connectivity, as well as a USB port for connecting external equipment such as MP3 players. The server does not come cheap, currently retailing at �3,000, and will most likely appeal exclusively to the most avid of music lovers.

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