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Anti Gravity Platform Can Hover The Entire World

Posted on April 4, 2010 by , with 32767 views

Buy Now Anti Gravity Platform Can Hover The Entire World

The last time we saw an anti-gravity platform Duck Dodgers was standing on it alongside Marvin Martian. So imagine our surprise when we clapped eyes on a real one. Yes, sci-fi fans, the gobsmackingly impressive Anti-Gravity Platform is here and it's set to blow your mind, twist your melon and bamboozle your noodle with its incredible floaty-woaty trickery.

Do not adjust your eyes because thanks to several powerful magnets this amazing mains-powered device is capable of mimicking the effect of anti-gravity, levitating and slowly rotating a globe above its mirrored, LED-laden base. Wow! It takes a little practice to balance the globe but once you get the hang of it you'll be making a right Dr Evil of yourself. It's the perfect desktop companion for megalomaniacs bent on world domination (they said as they raised a little finger to their lips).

Use the Anti-Gravity Platform to showcase your nik-naks
If floating globes aren't your thing, you can use the Anti-Gravity Platform to showcase your nick nacks (no sniggering). Simply flip open the globe, remove the magnetic platform within and gasp in amazement as whatever item you fancy (up to 85g) floats and rotates in mid-air aboard said platform: toy cars, Stephen Hawking action figures, engagement rings, pictures of William Shatner, apples (Sir Isaac who?), Blue Peter badges; the possibilities are endless.

If you are still scratching your head in disbelief, join the club. This really is one of the most impressive gizmos we've ever seen. Any guest who fails to slap their forehead in awe can only be a time-travelling lizard person who's seen it all before. Or a boring misery guts who still wouldn't be impressed if Mick Jagger emerged from the globe, dropped his trousers and performed Insania via the medium of wind alongside Hitler in drag and a naked David Van Day. And let's face it, that would be pretty impressive.

We digress. The point is the Anti-Gravity Platform is the ideal way to show off your favourite bits and bobs whilst marvelling at the wonders of modern science. Float on!

You can pick up this amazing product from the FireBox store. Click here to find out more!

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Pleasing to find somenoe who can think like that

Submitted by Jenny

That's so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by anthony

Ok im confused about this thing it says it makes your things zero gravity but we still have gravity on earth. Im pretty sure if I try to lay on the thing I will probably break my arm.

Submitted by Confused C

Its really happen or not?

Submitted by sohel athe

That's very wonderful I thougth one like this would never be invented.i appreciate it also .oh!yeah irealy agree with you dortha it makes me see things differently

Submitted by michael

I bought one of these - they are great fun

Submitted by tony ward

That is impressive I tried to make a hover board in 6th grade I came close but it had to stay plugged up to an extenstion cord. I first tried with magnets but found it is harder to make something lift off the ground rather than makeing something float for a suspended period of time.

Submitted by adam

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Submitted by raimaacoum

You have got a amazing talent to do that anti gravity platform, how about making that object move horizontally?

Submitted by edgar

Make people levitate...not some dumb objects...

Submitted by God

Its realy so amazing. & persnaly I salout the inventor & congragulation.

Submitted by Ali yar kh

Great invention.. 8) :d :roll: :p

Submitted by shruti

:oops: :roll: :? What on earth is going on? Me ( halo ) books got more cool ideas in it than this!g me a chance n you will c an awsome inventions.

Submitted by soul

Hmm. Make me hover instead of a globe! :( :( :( :(

Submitted by hamburger

...find some invention that would save the world from global warming.. :(

Submitted by welkinz

All those who say this invention is dumb curse you. This makes you superman

Submitted by Nati

What a pile of w*nk. A few well positioned magnets in a plastic toy is interesting from a maketting point of view but scientificaly the earth itself angling "gravity" which is better than magnetism is far more intriguing.

Submitted by Prof. Bong

:roll: valllaaaa..........

Submitted by VeeR

Josh666 you are going down down down d o w n down oh yeah

Submitted by Alexia677

Annesa dont thing about it

Submitted by Zachary34

Zachary alexia send you a comment

Submitted by josh666

Correcting those who said this has already been made: wrong, what you are thinking of is the two repelling magnets on a vertical axis, but this is slightly different as the magnets are just strong enough and on the right balance to counteract gravity.

Submitted by ?!?!?!?!?!

Annesa why cant you be the writer because monica cant write please :d :d

Submitted by zachary 34

Ummmm...y doesnt it tell u the inventor??? :? :? :?

Submitted by MiMi

It looks great, but how can it help our world problem? :) :(

Submitted by fashion la

Tottally childish and of no use whatsoever to anyone

Submitted by kbjiu

Astig!! Sana meron nyan sa pinas!! This could be the start of my our future!!

Submitted by markY08_11

Lame. Just magnets repeling, :roll:

Submitted by Tracey

I like invention :roll:

Submitted by monica

Hes actually kinda a cool guy... 8)

Submitted by mitchell

Thats the stupidest invention ever!!!!!!!hahahahahahahahahahhahaha[email protected]#$%^&*

Submitted by darthvader

Something like that has already been made.but cool.

Submitted by ace210

Plz tel me abut new inventions which helpful to our seminars so plz tel some (topics or subject) powerful inventions

Submitted by Shivaraj

I am very speechless!!!!!!!!.....sana meron din yan sa pinas!

Submitted by Kiezer Mol

My dick invents better things then you!

Submitted by dec

It's nice and all but whos is the inventor??!! I need it for my homework!!!

Submitted by Bla

Its a good idea but... Thos has already been done!

Submitted by chuck

Plss send me a blueprint lets improve that sick add [email protected] :d

Submitted by Mark Lemue

Yeah I am going to be super man 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Submitted by aaron

May I have that,, for the sake of everybody...

Submitted by 4567

Oh yeah... I made one of those in third grade for show and tell.

Submitted by TCdaBEAST

Im so proud of my self for that :lol:

Submitted by z

Awesum invention!!!!!!!! When wil it arrive in s.a

Submitted by anonymous

World's have the greatest inventions and inventors.
keep up the good work!!!!! :d 8) :oops:

Submitted by kimberly a

Would love to c live demonstration

Submitted by syed Najam

How to get more details about it...i would like to take a seminar about it

Submitted by Anonymous

Oy8oo7 o8oooo8o86oi8oto6 :d :) :roll: :) :( :lol: :oops: :lol: :lol: 8o8o8o 8 :lol: 8o :lol: o88 :( 8 :( 8 :( 8 :p 8 :( :( :( ooyoo :p yyo 8) 8) 8) 8) iyu :d yi :?

Submitted by berzon

I want to see a video!!!!!!!

Submitted by jared

Amazing finding no doubt.iwant to know how it works thank u.

Submitted by arravi

Great invention is the process of putting light on object kept in dark....we can mould the world as we wish..

Submitted by CHANDU KR

Sooooo cooooooooool.of course im a nerd

Submitted by shallyboy

It only floats magnetic things

Submitted by cok

Your message whole class loves the invention!smile

Submitted by suresk

Me no get it :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Submitted by xd

My whole class loves the invention!:) :lol: :d :oops: 8) :p ;)

Submitted by rachel

Hmmm... It's interesting and all, but I would not buy one until it was able to levitate things of a larger size, you know? But I can't wait for that!

Submitted by Will

This has the potential to help us understand earth's rotation and attraction torward the sun. Very beneficial to scientific studies.

Submitted by king of ja

That's weird,,i like it 8)

Submitted by selem

It's so cool why didn't I think of it? :oops: :d just kidding not :d

Submitted by lexi

This is definitely not pointless, your stupid for even saying that... Great invention

Submitted by asdsd is s

Amazing inventions cant wait to see it with my own eyes.

Submitted by Jmg

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