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Acme Lunchbox Computer With 3 Lcd Screens

Posted on October 19, 2007 by , with 9928 views

Acme Lunchbox Computer With 3 Lcd Screens

Listen up all you professional gamers as here is one product that any serious gamer will look at once and immediately yearn for. It comes courtesy of the Acme LPG370TS lunchbox computer, which includes three 17 inch high resolution display screen monitors, all of which can be packed neatly away and carried with you.
The Acme lunchbox computer possesses an Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz processor, Dual nVidia 8800GTX graphics card, 2Gig of RAM, eight channel audio plus Firewire and USB connectivity. The Dual Gigabit LAN allows network speeds to be immense, and will be more than enough for even the most dedicated of gamers.

It is extremely simple to set up thanks to the integrated mouse, keyboard and displays which can be quickly called upon and quickly packed away. The kit is kept cool due to the side fans and is built in such a way as to protect the LCD screens as best possible.

The price remains undisclosed by ACME but will no doubt be confirmed soon since the kit appears on the ACME website. So if you're looking for the ultimate gaming experience on the move, this looks like it will meet your expectations and more! The kit can also be used for other tasks besides gaming, allowing you to enjoy a powerful and cinematic experience wherever you happen to be.

Game over.

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Itz not a bad idea but duz it actually hold lunch?! Duz it hav room and also wot kind ov idiot wud take this 2 school or sumfin! It would be stolen!!

Submitted by Itachi Uch

What a stupid idea seriously

Submitted by Chris

:oops: ok kid u are fat if u

Submitted by fjasld

You're stupid. Heavy lunchbox fat kids fall over if they carry this.

Submitted by yourdadgoe

That would be a pretty heavy lunchbox.
stupid. :roll:

Submitted by bananaface

:p your mom goes to college....this sux get a laptop dude

Submitted by Anonymous

Its one heavy thing..good if its made of titanium or an aluminum eithier.. :roll:

Submitted by john

I agree with that guy who said buy a laptop :d

Submitted by notorious

Oh my!!
this suits me!! :d

Submitted by justin

Sounds gay... Why not buy a laptop

Submitted by Anonymous

This is very cool how much does it cost?? :d

Submitted by daniel

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