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George Washington Carver Biography

Inventor of Paints And Stains, Cosmetics And Plant Products

Posted on January 22, 2011 by , with 8777 views

George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver was an American in nationality. He was loyal entire his life for exploring the developments linked mainly to the cultivating pattern of the southern most regions. The crops he obtained initially modernized the financial system of the South. The invigorating reliance by discovering cottonseeds from soybean, peanuts and other ground seeds was a history created in the South.

George Washington Carver strategized the technique of rotating crops on the field for preserving the nutritious elements in the Earth and exposed several crops for the farmers. He was not selfish enough to keep the top most seeds for himself, rather than taking advantage alone, earning him admiration from all over the world.

Carver was born in the year 1864 in a very poor family in Missouri, United States. His parents were so poor that they could not give him proper nourishment his entire childhood. He could not help his parents at field, but had lots of curiosity to learn more about the variety of plants he saw in the field. At the age of twelve, he began his schooling. However, due to racism, he was not able to continue for long, as there were no schools for black people. He then traveled away from his parents to pursue his further learning.

He graduated from Lowa State University in 1890. After four years, in the year 1894 he became a professor or more specifically, the first ever black professor of the University. His knowledge and concern for plants made him exceptional in the world. A year later, he wrote a thesis on how to heal the cherry plants if any kind of fungus or any other bacteria were to infect them. George Carver was the one who implemented the method of sowing crops alternately. In simple words, farmers started planting cotton for a year and the next year, another crop.

The peanut is the food of all domestic animals. Within a remarkable period, George developed a list of enormous uses of peanuts. The quality of cotton, tobacco and peanuts was so superior that the peasants were overjoyed. Although, their happiness was not too last since the seeds had started decaying in all the storehouses that were abundant. Carver, naturally, had a solution for this as well. The extra amount of peanuts was used up in preparing all the herbal and natural creams, including shampoos and soaps. This was another achievement for him as he gave the world, another significant use of peanuts in enhancing the beauty of people.

Another important fact about George Washington Carver is the thorough investigation that he conducted about sweet potatoes and its uses. Many nutritious items have been prepared by sweet potatoes. Some of the main ones include flour and artificial rubber. Nothing had stopped Carver from inventing new and useful things for the masses. He got so many kind offers for working with great scientists, but he refused all of them and continued to work at the Lowa University as a professor.

Carver died on January 5, 1943, at the age of 78, after suffering complications after falling down some stairs. Recently, in 1990, he was invited to The National Inventor's Hall of Fame for sharing his experience.

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