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Invention of the Wheel

Posted on December 24, 2010 by , with 32767 views


It's difficult to imagine our lives without any form of movement. Wheels are one of the most ancient discoveries in all of humankind. However, none of us question how the wheel was actually discovered?

Wheels have made it much easier for all of us to travel. The creation of the wheel is perhaps the most significant discovery. As soon as the wheel was invented, there was a revolt in the manufacturing industry.

The first inventor of the wheel remains unknown. What is known, is the fact that the first ever wheel was discovered approximately 3,000 years ago where weavers and potters were the first to utilise them.

The containers that were prepared by the potters were helpful for carrying the essentials; drinking water and nutritious food. There was yet another enhancement by utilising the wheels for moving on the vehicles. The advanced version of these same wheels are now being used by the cars which we use today, for our own convenience.

There was always a regular growth in the advancement of inventing new and innovative designs the wheel. The wheels that we now see in heavy vehicles were also invented during the early centuries, but the differences are huge. The initial designs were much simpler in comparison to the designs we see today.

Unlike other inventions that took place around 5000 B.C. or even earlier, wheels are still commonplace today and are still high in demand. Many contemporary discoveries are derived from the ancient and original wheel. It's clear that if there was no invention of the wheel, there would be no vehicles. Our roads would have been empty and aeroplanes would not have been able to take to the skies.

As result of the wheel, there has been great development in the field of industrialisation. The different manufacturing factories and companies are a productive outcome of wheels. If the wheel had been a relatively new invention, the inventor would have received worldwide acclaim. Although what we determine to be a simple idea, the concept at that time was truly groundbreaking and ingenius - a concept that has withstood the ultimate test of time.

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