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Usb Powered Necktie Fan Stay Cool Under Pressure

Posted on August 10, 2007 by , with 19499 views

Usb Powered Necktie Fan Stay Cool Under Pressure

USB's are commonly used in the modern world and variations continue to emerge, revealing new interesting concepts and means of portable data use. The latest USB accessory comes in the form of a tie, suited towards those who feel the heat around their neck whilst sporting a tie. Limited market we believe, nonetheless invention company Thanko have manufactured the idea in Japan, named the USB Powered Necktie Fan. Nice and catchy title they have there, and it does do exactly as the name suggests. The USB powers a small fan built into the knot of the tie to keep you cool, in at least one sense of the word.

The tie's portability is restricted to the length of the USB cable, which may be only several feet, meaning that if you're next to a window you might as well just open that, or buy a small fan to place on your desk.

The necktie fan looks rather odd and is restricted in length, so we can't really see the appeal in this at all. At $24.90 the money would be better spent on buying a small desk fan, but you have to admire the Japanese company's efforts, as they continue to materialize unusual gadgetry.

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Hard to believe the japan of ww2 and how totally crazy they are now these people are a hoot

Submitted by bob

I'm so glad I found my soultion online.

Submitted by Mohssen

I love it !!spectacular !!

Submitted by petal flow

:roll: very nice.....i think you should try it also on an underware...

Submitted by Nayr

The idea of a usb necktie is unblievable. Outstanding! Impressive! I, on the other hand, always forget my usb or I misplace it somewhere with homework or important projects. With our new school formal uniform, the necktie will definitely come in handy. Well, I will benefit (mostly) since I am a scatterbrain. Come to think of it, I don't know where I last had my usb. ???

p/s you really got to admire the japanese for their crazy, spectacular inventions. You didn't think of it, so show some respect people. ;) :d

Submitted by StrngrW/Ka

It sucks :roll: :oops: :(

Submitted by aka46

This type of things can be tried for helmets also. Thanks. :lol:

Submitted by krishnan

...this seems dangerous. :roll:

Submitted by bananaface

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