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Mini Cooper Limo With Built In Swimming Pool

Posted on April 23, 2007 by , with 14478 views

Mini Cooper Limo With Built In Swimming Pool

This adaptation of the standard Mini Cooper S series, not only stretches 6 metres, but includes an integrated whirlpool in the rear of the car, designed and built by a Los Angeles Coach builder. Named the Mini XXL, this car is one of a kind, packing a small swimming pool into the back for those long journeys.

Easy to operate and accomodating 2 people with a detachable roof for increased privacy, or to simply conceal the pool.

In order to empty the pool, you simply pull the plug to drain away the water. In addition to the pool, there also includes a retractable flat-screen TV, DVD player, air conditioning, full black leather and a telephone to allow communication with the driver situated 6 metres in front.

We're a little concerned that the car failed to include a basketball court though, although maybe that's due in the next edition.

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Who invented it?

Submitted by cody


Submitted by penis


Submitted by bob


Submitted by turtle


Submitted by nugget

They're answering email much qukeicr than they ever did snail mail, thank heavens but I bet this will change when everyone and their aunt fanny starts subbing this way! Hey-ho!

Submitted by Ahmed

Cool invention hey!!!
what are they inventing next? Bikes with swimming pools in?
:) :d

Submitted by robyn

that was so nice ahh..
I love it..

Submitted by ydal enina

I want one! But it looks a little fake... :lol:

Submitted by ashley

Is it legal 2 sit in it while the car is moveing

Submitted by taylor can do this with the bed of a truck and some duck tape.

Submitted by Anonimusss

:roll: :d 8) hahaha very funny
i luv it

Submitted by kiss

Kinda looks like ya could just jump in when nobody is in like a hobo. My cat's name is hobo :lol: .

Submitted by Dragon(Can

:lol: :roll: :d :oops: 8) :? :) :( ;) :p

Submitted by Anonymous

This is the bestt! I love it love it love it

Submitted by Annonymous

This car is awesome i'm totally going to get it!!!!! :)

Submitted by luke

I lve this is soo cool iwant one!!!!!!how did u do this it is amazing...

Submitted by Anonymous

So........ How much does this cost????

Submitted by meroko

Wow, I knew they were planning on making one of these. Seriously our economy is falling apart and instead of making an invention to maybe help our country, we make stuff like this that only 10 people in the world are even gonna be able to afford. Real smart guys.

Submitted by Anonymous

:roll: 8) :) ;) interesting??

Submitted by Angel

Omg. That is the best idea ever. 8)

Submitted by blah

Who was it made by (name) :?

Submitted by Anonymous

Your message here.. :roll: :lol: :? 8) :( :) :p

Submitted by Anonymous

8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by becky

;) :) :roll: :d 8) :? :oops: :lol: :( :p

Submitted by mj

The chick back there at the swimming pool is hot

Submitted by natley

I like the chick in the swimming pool

Submitted by natley

I like the chick in the swimming pool

Submitted by natley

Its noyhing new . :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Submitted by ZODIAC

It's real, though it does look fake! :oops:

Submitted by IR Staff

What is it ? A real car ? Or a toy ?

Submitted by Kev

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