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What On Earth An Electromagnetic Globe

Posted on June 24, 2008 by , with 13843 views

What On Earth An Electromagnetic Globe

What on earth! This space structure has been implemented by astronauts in an attempt to cool the polar caps of the earth, and to reduce global warning. OK, well that is fiction -- but this little global ornament with an electromagnetic mechanism inbuilt looks pretty damn cool! Especially with the blue LED's which illuminate the Earth during times of darkness! Not a ground breaking invention, but something we think looks cool and would sit well on anyone's desk.

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Submitted by Aryerli

Vndj53 thanks so much for the blog article.thanks again. Great.

Submitted by cheap book

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Submitted by NORWEEN MA

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Submitted by secret

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Submitted by NO NAME

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Submitted by .........

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Submitted by DESTROY EA

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Submitted by shamone

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Submitted by Melvin

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Submitted by KASH

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Submitted by Anonymous

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Submitted by gerald

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Submitted by Gabriel po

Amf...this what I looking for my chemistry project ;) thx! ^,..,^

Submitted by Gabriel po

Plz post complete invention...
and its related topic..
coz I have a project about invention, I need to get latest invention to present it..
where I can get it??

Submitted by Anonymous

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Submitted by Mike franc

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Submitted by COOLET

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Submitted by carly

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Submitted by gerald

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Submitted by cryemo

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Submitted by HAYLEIM

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Submitted by cute_in_bl

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Submitted by hi there

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