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Usb Cup Warmer

Posted on February 5, 2012 by , with 32767 views

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With so much to see on the internet these days, it's a wonder we find time to eat and sleep, let alone finish our cuppa. Well we're not going to be limiting our Lolcats anytime soon. So for all those who are equally hard at work, we've found the USB Cup Warmer.

Especially handy if your boss keeps the office at a 'productive' 12 degrees, this ingenious device keeps your hot drinks hot for longer. Just plug it into your computer's USB port and pop your cup on top. Thanks to the handy warming element inside, it'll give you all the time you need to LOL, ROFL, LMFAO or ROFLMFAO between slurps.

Please Note:

Mug not included

Product Features:

USB-powered hot plate
Fits cups and slim mugs
Temperature of hot drinks can be maintained at 40 degrees after an hour
Includes DC to USB Cable
Powered via USB from your PC or Mac
Low voltage (5V)
No driver installation required
This is an electrical item, do not splash with liquid
The hot plate gets hot, please use with caution
Cannot be used with plastic cups
This product is not a toy, keep out of reach of children

You can pick one of these up from the FireBox store.

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Submitted by sujith

This seems like a sure fire way to get electrocuted

Submitted by iza

Wow! Cool!... Its very very awesome.. But sad thing is its an electrical item..

Submitted by vyncxz

Its really a nyc invention. Great work

Submitted by maha

$amazing design$ have cup of tea

Submitted by poojaprasa


Submitted by yoyo

I like this webpage

Submitted by -

Why not try ask for support from local or olnine technical support? A long time ago I have same experience with my digital camera, but the brand is fujifilm finefix, the problem solved after the guide me to download and reinstall the software.

Submitted by Gourahari

- nice job we're seeing lots of this in the uk at the momnet as well but its not limited to wedding photography. A lot of professional photogrpahers are using them for their other portfolio work as well we've also had to produce custom usb's in the shape of the brides wedding dress !!

Submitted by Santiago

- they looking rellay good, I hoping by the end of the term the students can make a similar promotional usb stick. There building most wood/leather cases for some custom design usb pen drives for the gcse. I have got to stay even I as a teacher have enjoyed this years project.

Submitted by Antonin

This is nice!
good for everyone!

Submitted by aj

I like the cup warmer. I like my cofee hot

Submitted by sparx226

I like the cup warmer. I like my cofee hot

Submitted by sparx226

This is very innovative invention. It can give a break to me
so we don't have to move we become conveniently
it can drink in front of computer our life is more convenent.

Submitted by Sin Jae hy

Wow,it can drink in front of computer.
so we don't need to move.

Submitted by JHK

Seriously people,

this thing already exists.
i have a souvenir like this from l'oreal.

Submitted by dian

Oh my glob!!!!!
its the end of the world!!!

Submitted by vomit

Its waste please go away
its completely harmfull

Submitted by joo

What is the price of this product? I want to know it instantly, i'm buying it

Submitted by ohhh

Is the besttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Submitted by ash

What is the price of this product?

Submitted by azeem

These involve the collection of parameters made b4,its an improvement

Submitted by Harderhemi

Really it,s creditable....

Submitted by Rabi......

Wat is the profit dat will be mine 4rm dis questn

Submitted by Hajardi ri

Who is the inventor of this awesome gadget!! I want one!

Submitted by Millie

Suitable for student ....

Submitted by #_#

Nice for those who were a very hardworking!

Submitted by shan

Your product is so wonderful!also the inventor . Nice one!

Submitted by JANINE

What's the inventer 's name ? Please and this is so clever

Submitted by Nisreen

.. Big help for my output. :) thanks!

Submitted by Jeckisha

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