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Suitcase Bike

Posted on May 1, 2007 by , with 7244 views

Suitcase Bike

This animated movie cleverly demonstrates how the new suitcase bike can transform from a day-to-day suitcase into a fully functioning bicycle and vica versa. For every day commuters looking to take a more healthy and environmentally friendly route to work they may look no further than this portable and neat concept.

When finished riding, simply pack it away, lift it up and continue with your day.

This suitcase bike will be available within the next few months but will it be a hit with commuters? Personally, I'll stick to the train.

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I believe it's an eoymlper reimbursement deal, so you'll have to get your eoymlper to go along with it. My eoymlper, who is ahead of his time, has been providing me with bike parts for several years. He will be happy to see that there is now a tax deduction for it.

Submitted by Surendra

And tell me...why should I need one of these? :roll:

Submitted by el lelo

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