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Sony Walkman Nw Zx1 128gb Mp3 Player Hi Res

Posted on July 26, 2014 by , with 9576 views

Sony Walkman Nw Zx1 128gb Mp3 Player Hi Res

The Walkman used to be the most popular portable music device, replaced by the CD player, mini-disc and finally MP3 player. The Walkman, playing cassettes for those too young to remember, has effectively been extinct for years due to new technologies, but Song have released a new version.

Without taking a giant step backwards, the Walkman will not revert back to cassettes but will possess a 128 GB internal storage capacity, and will be much thicker than an iPod touch, for example, yet share the same length and width dimensions. The touchscreen will measure 4 inches, with an 854x480 resolution display. The device will be able to play ultra high resolution audio formats including FLAC and WAV, and as the body of the Walkman is carved from an aluminium block, noise will be dramatically reduced.

As the battery will not be required to power web surfing or phone calls like that of a smart phone, it should last up to 32 hours from a 3 hour charge. Headphones are provided, although this should be expected from the $700 price tag. The sound from this device is excellent which might just justify the high price. Either way, we're happy to see the return of the Walkman from a nostalgia viewpoint.

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