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Smart Mirror

Posted on March 27, 2007 by , with 11108 views

Smart Mirror

Possibly the most innvovative mirror concept ever to grace the invention world. The mirror itself is touchscreen controllable and can list on the mirror, the time, the date and the weather forecast. News headlines can also be displayed and articles which take your eye can be read in full context. Items on screen can be negotiated around the screen user a dragging motion to allow you to position the items and objects to satisfy your needs.

In the future, this mirror aims to add voice sensitivity, as in this video the concept does not entirely work correctly.

All that being said, would all this be needed on a mirror. Would it prove a distraction? Decide for yourself.

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You just gave me another rsoaen to bump an ipad to the top of my list. Spend 6 hours a week taking grandson to appts and am so tired of using a pen and notepad and then having to transcribe later. I love the flexibility of this so much, i'm salivating. Thanks, jeannie!

Submitted by Laila

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