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Samsung Sph P9200 Umpc Portable Computer

Posted on October 11, 2007 by , with 8290 views

Samsung Sph P9200 Umpc Portable Computer

Samsung have revealed their brand new, top of the range UMPC, Ultra Mobile Personal Computer for the less tech savvy amongst us. The latest in the range comes courtesy of the SPH-P9200, which not only looks the part but hosts a variety of features to compliment the design.

In an effort to increase portability the keyboard can be unfolded to display the full traditional QWERTY keyboard, yet can be adjusted and packed down for when on the go. This offers the best of both worlds, a full scale desktop computer and a handheld keypad in one unit.

The SPH-9200 or Deluxe MIT, to use the other term, comes complete with a 5 inch touch screen display unit, which can project an 800*480 full resolution. Not ground-breaking by any means, but for the size, it's what we have come to expect. The processor is operated by a VIA C7-M which runs at speeds up to 1 GHz. The Deluxe MIT also includes 512MB RAM and a 30GB Hard Drive for storage requirements.

Connections include the obvious WiFi and HSDPA, but also includes WiBro which is a new technology concept being developed by the Korean telecoms industry. How this operates, is unknown to us, but rest assured that the usual connections can be used instead, and if it does take off, then you have the connection available to you.

The SPH-P9200 can function under two different battery types, standard and extended. The former lasts for between 2 to 2.5 hours whilst the extended battery can run for up to 5 hours. The UMPC also comes complete with a 1.3megapixel camera and an optical joystick. Easy PC!

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Submitted by Yanes

:d it looks good...i hope to have it soon.

Submitted by eijhaye

Looks fine but I guess I cant have it coz I already have three laptops and broke one

Submitted by sasha

:( just get a laptop than wasting money on that

Submitted by on 9th

Im blind whats the point? :roll:

Submitted by Blind Dude

I like it..hope I cn hav it..., :d

Submitted by brix

Looks big/huge! How heavy? ?unpack to set up time? ?repack to go time?

Submitted by Anonymous are you????im fine thank you

Submitted by joeyanne

Hey.... 8) ;) :p :) :( :roll: :lol: :d :oops: 8) :?

Submitted by Anonymous

Sounds portable 8) :d :roll: :) ;) :p :( :lol: :oops: :?

Submitted by bob the bu

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