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Orange Solar Powered Tent With Electronics

Posted on June 23, 2009 by , with 32767 views

Orange Solar Powered Tent With Electronics

Camping is always fun. A chance to get away from the world, and live in a world of isolation without any form of electrical aids or entertainment. Well, up until now that is. Orange have just revealed their new solar powered tent which is labelled as a 'tent of the future'. The tent will ensure that all your gadgets and electronics will function during your camping visit, though some may feel this defeats the purpose of camping.

Orange teamed up with American product design consultants, Kaleidoscope, to create this modern day tent which harnesses solar energy in order to power your gadgets and equipment via a wireless charging pouch. The tent uses a photovoltaic fabric to receive the maximum amount of energy directly from the sun throughout the day. There is also an integrated "glo-cation" technology instilled which assists campers in finding their way back to their tent. You can use your mobile phone to send a text message to your tent, which will then cause the camp to glow and become easily identifiable.

The solar powered tent has a wireless control hub which illustrates the total amount of energy generated and also the amount of that energy consumed. There is also a wireless internet signal on a touch screen display, and even a heating system, which kicks into action as soon as the temperature within the tent drops below a certain level.

This definitely is the future of camping.

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Lame ass tent

Submitted by josh


Submitted by josh

Come on people the great outdoors are to escape from wi-fi and hustle and bustle but it's still a good idea!

Submitted by Gavin Worl

Its full of new inventions wow

Submitted by Manish Kha

To all the sex starved people who have commented above..i just wanna ask you one thing...y do you need a solar powered tent to make love?? You can do that in a normal one too you know...well unless your like really dumb n need a video to tel you where to put in your pen*s :roll:

Submitted by moi

We develop sweet stuff like this tent all the time:

Submitted by Lindsey

This is so coool I need one

Submitted by kirsten

This is really cool ;) I want one! :d x

Submitted by Freya

Omg how amazing I want one!

Submitted by phoebe

Ooops think its beta widout lights more romantic
[email protected]

Submitted by king mafia

This tent will make reading the bible easier when im in the woods. 8)

Submitted by jesus chri

How cool! I would want to have one of those

Submitted by Lilian

Help... Please... Can you give me an idea what is a good invention for a student like me? I really need your help.. Please.. Be kind..

Submitted by jheyne

That's great!!! New invention??? Ohh c'mon....invent,...more!!!!

Submitted by xxx

Tent camping is fun but your mini house would not fun at all fu

Submitted by bob

Lol walang kwenta yan anu magagawa nian sa 2012 guguho na ung mundo ^^ kaya dapat pag bibili kau ung space ship

Submitted by guguho na

Tang ina nyu pak u kau pukeng ina nyu bitch matha fuckker bitch such a looser yakssss

Submitted by rap

Id bang the crap outta this tent. ;)

Submitted by Scotty2hot

If your right ball was 2 and your left ball was 3 would your penis be 4? Signed,a very concerned gay guy :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Submitted by Question

Rili nice...can I hav one...
but I still want to hav a tent that can get energy and can stay under the sea.... :p

Submitted by jueneau

If your left leg was thanksgiving and your right was christmas than can I meet you between the holidays?

Submitted by ChrisAngel

:d 8) ;) ;) :) :) :) :d :d :d 8) 8) 8) 8) this is cool I want one..............

Submitted by pancho tac

Man that I cool but I need to know how much energy can I make ...mario

Submitted by DJ

Is the tent personal as well because I would like to do personal things in there

Submitted by juan ville

Clean clean....... :) :) :d 8)

Submitted by plaxer

I would like to make fun things int this tent.................................................. :d 8) :d 8) :d 8) :d 8) :d 8) :d 8) :d 8) :d 8) :) :) ;) ;) ;) ;) :) :) :) ;) ;)

Submitted by jose ramir

Ayayay,, chada keu ni bah,,its so nice to dos people having sex intercors

Submitted by dhods

Its so nice because when you were having sex its so comportable to you

Submitted by weljune

Hey peoples its me !!! I love this invention it is so cool!!! And sex would totally be awesome in here. You could watch a movie telling you how to do it. Yah I am totally goin to do that because I am 21 lookin' up my younger sisters homework well one question. Can you charge a i-pod in there? If you can awesome. Also can you send me a tent? Thanx. Email me at [email protected]

Submitted by Sexy Mama

This is a nice tent. :lol: but it must be nice to have love in it :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

Submitted by bark

Dhats tight I want dhat 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :p :p :p :p :p :p ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Submitted by legacey wi

Are you forreal? ....
:roll: :roll: :d 8) :? :oops: :lol: :p ;) ;)

Submitted by K,Noo

With wright person &this tent,this could be right camping experience :oops: :d :d :d

Submitted by flowerinpo

Wow... Nice one!! If ican use it,maybe I can isolate my self in the world and discover everything in the world

Submitted by roughjik

I luved this I even agree dat ders no fun in this kinda camping...!!! :lol: ;)

Submitted by punKinjal

Who invent this thing? Its awesome! Can you give me 1 of your invention? Hehe

Submitted by alexander

Does it co me in a blueish barf type color

Submitted by ornga mang

;) I guess it's ok after you look at it for a bit. I agree, it looks like sushi!! :roll: :) ;)

Submitted by Dawn Mist

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: this kinda defeats the purpose of camping to get away you know!!!!!!!

Submitted by Dawn Mist

..pangitt..mong tnan.. :lol:

Submitted by ..kaisha..

Weryour message here.. :roll:

Submitted by Anonymous

This invintion is completely stupid it isnt even camping!!!! :(

Submitted by carlos

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Submitted by chary

I would like my bf 2 buy me one so we could live in :? 8) :oops: :d :lol: :roll: :( :) :p ;)

Submitted by iloveyall

Who would like to have sex in this shit lol :p :p
but it is nice I want one

Submitted by iloveyall

Hey its a nice invention.. I use it as a report in one of my subject and its nice,, I hope there's one here in the philippines tnx

Submitted by veatriz de

Sweet! Now I can charge my phone outdoors! :d 8)

Submitted by Ragnorok

It cool but wheres the fun :( :( :(

Submitted by ice man

Were the camping experince :( :( :(

Submitted by trueman

That looks awsome lol 8) 8) 8) :roll: :) ;) :p :( :) :roll: :lol: :oops: :d 8) :? :? :d 8)

Submitted by bfraser

With a tent like this, I may finally take up camping... ;)

Submitted by Russ

Is that tent have a computer..??
can I play dota in your tent?????

Submitted by reyjohn

What kind of that it uncrackable..???

Submitted by reyjohn

Wats dat ???

a susu??
or tent???


its libog2x
nmn owh..

Submitted by 16 chunchu

This tent is incredible!

Submitted by julianfuma

This tent is awsome! I9 want the tent that he is big!

Submitted by nicole gul

This is one cool invention hope I can I have one :d ;) :) ;) :) ;)

Submitted by beauitful

Party fun in the tent 8)

Submitted by Kiki

Thats a cool invention but is it water proof, needs more details don't know much about it. :oops: :roll: :? 8) :d :lol: :( :) :p ;)

Submitted by Emmalee

Nice one....
i hope I can have one...:)

Submitted by prada lass

I think this is very good for campers

Submitted by osman

Wooooooooooow this sounds totally awsome :d expensive tho :?

Submitted by IMO

I love this cool invention. I need know to the price of it? I'll buy one for my girlfriend so we could hang out together and make baby inside the tent. I think it's damn pretty cool!!! Lol.
e-mail me at [email protected]

Submitted by ramzy

What the hell this looks stupid. :p

Submitted by bob

That is sooo cool >>;

Submitted by RainbowYos

This sounds soooo awesome but I agree with the other comments...i need more information...... Like how much does it cost....where can you get it.... But it's really really cool! :d great job!

Submitted by Savannah

Omg thats so awesome! :lol:

Submitted by Mindayyyy

Totaly much :p ye man I like this I wouldn't mind buying 1 for my gf

Submitted by Tank

This new invention is so awesome but I need more n more information about it..

Submitted by norain~

How much dose it cost and where can I buy it

Submitted by sydni

Needs a ton of more information! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :?

Submitted by como?

Nice s very useful to save the power :oops:

Submitted by karthick s

...nice invention
..good luck 8) 8) ;) :) :d :p

Submitted by joyce paul

Very cool inventional :lol: 8)

Submitted by aiza mae l

Fantasy sex in that tent. ;)

Submitted by biza

Its made by orange good 4 remote areas

Submitted by hah

This tent is so cool I would live in this awesome tent and have cookout and a sleepover and family reunion lol.hahahahaha :p :p

Submitted by cutie puti

..astig..i want one..can you give this gadget free..heheh..joke lng po.. :p

Submitted by nobody

Chitae ganda lalake :d :lol: :d :lol:

Submitted by chitae

Nice, but who or (what company), when, and where did this invention develope. There are no specifications of detailed information of power dissapation, cost, square area inside tent, and stength durability to environmental weather.

Submitted by Anonymous

How do I get it and its distribution rights for the middle east

Submitted by zzakka

Yeah baby where can we meet?

Submitted by blomi

My e-mail is [email protected]

Submitted by muhammadak

I want to kiss my you want to become my beloved on this auspicious day?

Submitted by muhammadak

Freakshow whahahahahah loooooooooooooosers xoxo

Submitted by Candice

Hey nice effort dude, what a creative minds you guys have yaar...this will be great help to the people!!! :p ;) :) 8)

Submitted by Shreeteli

Its nice
its very good ex. In our
project but it has no date of invention :roll: :roll:

Submitted by mhimom

Deadly bruss I like this one but can do better..........nah jks lol

Submitted by 515000000K

Hay!!!how much is prize naman!!!hehehe!!!

Submitted by allah yeh!

Sosyalan...........daw true vaaahhhhh.............wahahaha.........

Submitted by rechell

This was so cool that I used this for a project so good thinking.

Submitted by lisa

Nice invent..can you post it to youtube....mabuhay si manny pacman

Submitted by ragnarok N

Your message here.. 8) :? :oops: :d :lol: :roll: :) :p ;) ;) ;) ;)

Submitted by cute gurl

Wala yan baduy????????////

Submitted by erica

..nice invention huh..
..may I just know who invented this cool tent & when it was invented?..
..or is there any other links or details about this invention?
..i hope for a reply..
..thanks & more power!
..god bless you all!=)
- [email protected]
quezon city, philippines

Submitted by gerrine sa

Good are really catering a great help to the people....jess tio of dumaguete city, philippines

Submitted by jesthy

Wow its so useful promise to the highest power

Submitted by krystian

Ooooooh I like it :) :d 8) :lol: :p

Submitted by nina

,,woo!!cool.. 8) heheh....super useful huh?!?!?heheh...nice.. :lol:

Submitted by spongebob

>who invented and when it wax invntedthatx all^_^14< :d :d :d :d

Submitted by Anonymous

I would like to know in detail about orange solar powered tent with electronics.

Submitted by Rakesh Tal

This new invention will surely help our campers,soldiers and scouts.i'm looking forward to your next inventions!! :) keep it up! :lol:

Submitted by Lovely

Wow! :d galing this will be a grat help to many people! :p

Submitted by Lovely

Wow!what a great invention this will sure be a great help to scouts and campers. :lol: keep up the great work i'm looking forward to your new inventions in the future! ;)

Submitted by Lovely

Wah so nice like starwars :d :d :d

Submitted by MuSTaNG5iv

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