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Musicpal The Ultimate Radio Station Sound System

Posted on July 15, 2007 by , with 6212 views

Musicpal The Ultimate Radio Station Sound System

The MusicPal really will become a friendly device to operate your music and allow you to tune into your favorite radio stations.

Eradicating the need for a PC this stand-alone system allows internet radio stations to be listened to and even streamed across an entire network.

People are now moving away from regional radio stations and opting for independent stations which now reside on the Internet in their thousands. The ability to tune into these stations rather than regional stations is a preferred option for many music enthusiasts and the MusicPal allows this to take place.

The MusicPal also plays your own music library which you have created, allowing a successful and portable option. The device also stays on top of all the latest technology advancements by including RSS to quickly and easily stream the music which you seek.

The MusicPal also includes an alarm clock, loudspeaker and WiFi connectivity. The MusicPal is expected to hit stores in August and will be a valuable addition to any music enthusiast.

Tune in!


+ Wireless digital internet radio and MP3 player
+ Plays internet radio without the use of a computer
+ Streams MP3 music from your computer or network
+ Installs in seconds, easy to set up
+ Supports over 5.000 radio stations
+ Supports MP3 and WAV
+ Live RSS feeds / Blog feeds in display
+ Built-in speaker and WLAN antenna
+ Stereo audio out (2 x cinch) to connect to HiFi/Amplifier set
+ Line out (minijack ) to connect to headphones or active

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