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Logitech Pure Fi Dream Premium Music System

Posted on August 17, 2007 by , with 7232 views

Logitech Pure Fi Dream Premium Music System

Logitech have revealed their most recent audio system development, in the shape of the Pure-Fi Dream Premium Music System, designed specifically for i-pod integration. The Pure-Fi, at first glance, looks sophisticated and compact, holding the i-pod securely and gracefully. Despite the appearance, speakers are exclusively assessed based on audio performance and the Dream does boast an impressive sound. Not only looks and sound, but functionality also sounds imposing with motion and light sensors, integrated radio and alarm, ensuring all the necessaries for a bedside companion.

Jen Holove, who manages Logitech's audio section, states, " Pure-Fi Dream is our most thoughtful and sophisticated design for i-pod users." She also believes it to be the best bedroom i-pod system available at this moment. Of course, she would say that, but initial indications show that these claims are indeed merited.

The Dream also includes 0.75 inch high definition tweeters in tandem with 3 inch long throw woofers, combining to deliver a vibrant sound which any music lover would be more than satisfied with. Logitech's StereoXL technology offers a more expansive sound field to ensure maximum sound freedom. One of the most intelligent features is the motion sensors on each of the buttons, which illuminate in the dark, whenever you hover you hand over the speaker's top, simplifying control of the unit without the use of the main room light.

The unit will be available in November, and is expected to retail at $249.99. We envisage this to be a resounding success when it blasts onto the market.

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Sex that got your attention

Submitted by cody

I know right arent there like 50 different versions of this thing out already?

Submitted by Alias

8) :? :oops: :d :roll: :lol: :( :) :p ;)

Submitted by Anonymous

Ha this thing is a joke

Submitted by Anonymous

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