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Inflatable Waterslide For Yacht Owners

Posted on August 19, 2012 by , with 14062 views

Inflatable Waterslide For Yacht Owners

Few of us can afford this luxury item, or more accurately can't afford the item which it attaches to.

For the millionaire lifestyle, a yacht is a neccessity, and what better way to add in some fun than with this fantastic waterslide. Freestyle Slides has come up with the Freestyle Cruiser, a custom made waterslide built at a 45 degree angle. Each slide is made specifically for the yacht which it is to be attached on to, ensuring ultimate safety and fun.


There are two variants of this slide. A leg supported version for slides that exceed 5 metre and a non leg suppoted version for smaller yachts. Both include multiple anchor points on both the body and legs to ensure the slide is securely fastened to the ship itself. As yet, there is no hint of a price for this thrill seeking yacht attachment.

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Submitted by poo


Submitted by Bella

I can't believe it! I don't know that existed

Submitted by Nikki Paru

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Submitted by Ronerta

Wow! This waterside is very nice!
i want to buy this waterside^^

Submitted by SB

Wow! It is very good idea. It is well made and I like it.

Submitted by kim ju hye

Is good I believe fantastic

Submitted by nikki lemi

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Submitted by bryle

I really really like it

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