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Finger Print Identification For Passports

Posted on June 23, 2008 by , with 17945 views

Finger Print Identification For Passports

Biometrics is not exactly common in our everyday lives, but the technology holds so much potential that it is inevitably going to be introduced. One form is fingerprint identification, a technology which promises so much in terms of individual security and a far safer approach to identification. Up until now, these types of technologies have only been experimented with, but now Government ministers and the Post Office have agreed to implement ID passports with sophisticated fingerprint technology built in.

The current plan is to roll out the fingerprint secured passports in 2012, with some experimental cards being introduced in 2009 to Non-EU nationals and 'workers in sensitive roles or locations'. Youthful volunteers will then participate by 2010 and over the next two years the plan will be broadened across all UK passport applications. The proposed plan indicates that ID applicants will have their fingerprint submitted to the Post Office, and then have their application processed and passport created.

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Excellent, bob. Grab a cold one as my way of saying ctorgans . Here's to many more years of b&r, enlightening discussion, boneheads and other things of the day, and a general increase in fan base. What has it felt like to still be creating an amazing legacy?

Submitted by Elena

It's so wonderful!but not intererst enough.. :?

Submitted by wulan

Tnx 4 this invention I need this in my who are the inventor of this :oops: :( :)

Submitted by rechell

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Submitted by buang

It's cool trust me it really is safety 8)

Submitted by helix

Thanks for the comment for this gadget because I will use your comment in my report thank you :lol: :p

Submitted by joy

Bad invention sum1 could take ur finger print on a lil peice of clear plastic put it on their finger 4 the scanning nd then steal your identity :roll:

Submitted by Anonymous

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Submitted by Anonymous

8's disadvantage??????

Submitted by @@%$#ew424

Its a very useful technology....for passports safety....

Submitted by karthick

Really nice! It would be more safetier to use.. :) :roll: :roll: :roll: :p :p :p ;) ;) ;)

Submitted by

..may I ask for more info..
..whats the disadvantages and advantages?
..i nid this for my network blitz report.. 8) :)

Submitted by zaire

;) wow anice invention,ask k lng cno ang inventor?

Submitted by Angel

Nakzzz!!!!naman ng invention niyo finger naman me!!!

Submitted by roldhan

So nice invention for 2012. . . ...........

Submitted by lovely

Im so happy with this it is awesome now I feel like I should invent something awesome

Submitted by katie

Singapore is using these as the standard of identification already for the past 2 years!

Submitted by Anonymous

How cool jejejeje :? 8) :d :oops: :lol: :roll: :) :( :p ;)

Submitted by Anonymous



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Submitted by ?!?!

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Submitted by Anonymous

Nice invention. The inventor of this is realy geneous!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous

Nice invention. The inventor of this is realy geneous!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous

Big brother is watching you. You are now marked..yeah be happy for government getting more control over you :roll:

Submitted by I am Watch

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Submitted by Anonymous

It is so cool and hansam

Submitted by hayden

It was rili nice...

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Submitted by jannah

Who is the inventor of these device :oops:

Submitted by monas

Who is the inventor of these device :oops:

Submitted by monas

Hey I could use this for my computer report!!!tnx...

Submitted by sophistica

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Submitted by charliecar

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Submitted by arvin21

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Submitted by Anonymous

I think this is a real good idea tbh.

Submitted by (:

I think it rocks man!! :lol:

Submitted by carly

:roll: who is the inventor?

Submitted by erica

:roll: who is the inventor?

Submitted by Anonymous

I could really use this in my science report! :) thanx ;)

Submitted by Anonymous

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Submitted by arvin

Its nicwe...actually...

Submitted by anna

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Submitted by Anonymous

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Submitted by Anonymous

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